Breaking into Hub01

After some driving around I encountered a 2nd Hub01, after realizing that the intercom NPC at that particular location was basically broken due to me already meeting the first intercom and completing the questline, I decided to break in and “liberate” the contents of the facility.

Anyways, when I eventually returned to my original Hub location I found out that they no longer wanted to trade with me,
I know this is technically a problem of my own making but if there was a way to debug my trust back, I would appreciate it!

I presume because you “liberated” the contents from the cold bodies of their former owners then yeah that is indeed a problem of your own making. Anyways in debug menu there is a faction submenu, locate hub 01( or maybe robofac?) and mess with the set opinions option until they presumably start talking to you again.

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Did it actually work?

Don’t see the faction submenu, don’t mind me immediately pressing the solution button that was my bad. Unless Im missing something Im assuming this basically means they won’t trade me with me again lol

huh. What version are you playing? I’m playing on experimental 5/3/2024 0220. In the mean time you could try looking up hub01 or something in your save file (specifically master.gsav in your save’s folder).

edit:2024 not 2021

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Sorry should have mentioned Im on the current stable version 0.G , though I do plan on moving up to an experimental after I free the boys down in Necropolis. I’ll poke around my save and see if I can do anything. Thanks.

edit:poked thru the files, faction settings for hub01 or robofac aren’t present, trust me I spent 15 minutes looking thru it.
Will liberate contents of the next hub I visit.

I’m interested in how the Hub 01 became to stop trading. I used to cut through the metal doors to get MREs. It didn’t shut off trade. Did you attack the guards?

Yes I blew open the elevator with c4 and slaughtered the guards mercilessly. I only did that since the intercom at that particular location was buggy. While I did get laser weaponry out of it, don’t attack the guards, trading is much more worth while.

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What program are you using? You should be able to use the search function to look up all instances of either:faction, hub, or likes_u.

Just realized I opened the wrong save file, looking through the CORRECT one this time.

Edit: Changed the values, it was a success, thanks alot, again. Now I don’t have to miss out on trades.

Congrats! Glad to help.