Is there anyway to calm down hostile NPC's?

I was doing the Old Guard Informant and even though I done it correctly somehow every NPC is now hostile in the refugee center. Is there anyway at all I could change their attitudes towards me permanently?


I think I discovered at least the partial cause the NPC that would usually be listed as a member of the Hells Raiders is still registering as the friendly faction.

By “correctly” do you mean you provoked him to attack you, then let other guards deal with him? Or just that you picked the right one and began shooting yourself? Because latter counts as aggression and will make other guards hostile.

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So what I had been doing is picking the Intimidate option purely as it had worked the last few times I attempted the mission and no guards or other NPCs became hostile.

Another weird occurrence was that the Old Guard representative seemingly forgot the quest he gave me because when I clicked can I do anything he gave me the same quest again.

Even though he had already given it to me (and it was also in my missions list so it was active)

When I tried the quest, “succeeding” with the non violent option didn’t work, i.e. the information was gained, but wasn’t acknowledged by the quest giver, so I had to resort to violence (and the trick is to not be the first one to attack: fighting back worked).

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Yeah that’s what I’ve had to do. The guards became hostile towards me straight away and I hadn’t even attacked. Just doing the thing I always do which is get ready to hide by a sshelf so I don’t snap my torso bone.