Who's got the most mana?

For those who play Magiclysm, I’m curious what’s the most mana you’ve ever had, what your build and equip was like. Let me know how you’ve equipped and enjoyed yourself most with this mod! Thanks!

Edit: I didn’t show my stats, shame on me!

Mana: 4170


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at least show your stats too xD, the most i have gotten is around 5-6k mana, and that using the traits from the chargen,using stats through skills/kills, the rings that give points in intelligence, and some of the arcana mod accesories that gives a bit of a mana boost

Holy crap! HOW?!

Yeah I have a fairly high intelligence, and that’s where I’m sitting, with a ring of +2 the highest I’ve found. I haven’t found any other arcana mod items so far.

I’m interested in how much mana one could possibly get without Arcana, i.e. Magiclysm only.

oh that’s an interesting thought… i’ll fire up the game and see about the combinations you can get.

Here’s with the manatouched mutation - i’ve got a lesser staff of the magi and a +4 ring of intelligence on the character as well.

now, if soup didnt get mutations, is even more amazing that he got to 11k mana. since you basically got all the good mutations for mana plus 25 int, and got 15k mana

being honest, is negligible, you need to get you self stacked with the accesories (at least 1 from each) to barely get around 500-1k mana, and that is if you are reaching 4k mana already

Wow :open_mouth: that’s nuts. 15k! I have the Lesser Manatouched or maybe it was Mana Sensitivity, mutation. And a +2 ring, only have 4k mana. What’s the staff of the magi do?

+750 and +20% bonus to mana pool from staff of the magi

A bit unrelated, but how do you get the stat rings? I’m sitting pretty on a late game character rn and kinda starved for content besides going to a mi-go tower and committing a murder-suicide there.

if you are pretty lucky, on wizard academies, but they are a bit more common on dragon lairs

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I found like four stat rings in a single wizard tower. Only happened once though and I’ve done dozens and dozens.

I’ve looted couple dozen towers and haven’t seen a single ring. The only magic item except books/scrolls I’ve found in those was everlasting canteen of whiskey :confused:

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I’ve found a lesser backpack of holding in one of them before, and got really excited… until I died on the way off the island b/c island prison start

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While maybe it isnt that practical, its sound like a fun item to have, the best item i had found is an artifact (spider box) that generates thread, and ring of blades, but being honest i felt underwhelmed by it u.u

Yeah, my second wizard tower had four rings, though one was a duplicate +2 intelligence. Having found any dragon lairs yet.

Technomancer is really nice for its Synaptic Stimulation, basically a permanent +4 int (not to mention +4 dex and 30 speed). It has 1H duration at 20/20 and the duration stacks. At 6-7k mana and a rank or 2 of mana regeneration you’ll regenerate back its cost a good while before it runs out.

I can sleep a whole night, wake up with a full mana pool and still have the buff running.

Add in Bless and Grotesque Enhancement (the latter stacks in effect and duration x4) which each add +2 str/dex/per +20 speed you’re suddenly an ubermench sanic. Their duration also stacks so you can throw them a few times and not worry for a while.

Throw in a Coagulant Weave or two and your stamina regen might actually be able to catch up with your speed.

I have that too but it stopped working some while ago on experimental when I try to unload it, still on build 10613 and haven’t made the plunge into nested containers yet.

 DEBUG    : cannot determine reload cost as none is neither ammo or magazine

 FUNCTION : int player::item_reload_cost(const item&, const item&, int) const
 FILE     : src/player.cpp
 LINE     : 2907

Though the enchanted tailor’s kit is arguably a straight upgrade and that one I can unload just fine.

Speaking of artifacts, I really want to get my hands on that damn belt of weaponry, haven’t looked it up to avoid spoiling myself but it can probably store multiple weapons at once or doesn’t add the weight of stored weapons.

Heat cube is a nice QoL item, especially for a pyromaniac, also whilst not artifacts I love my ring of speed +10 and mask of perfect vision (+4 per, corrects far/nearsightedness with great protection and low encumbrance).

how does it work? i mean the chrages, does it regen as an artifact?

And thanks on the info that those buffs stacks duration, i knew of the grotesque enhancement, but not of the others

I didn’t know Powerwolf was writing the spells now.

How are you guys finding all this good stuff? The first Wizard Tower I went through had like 17 plastic golems, no accessories, and no non-entertainment books except one copy of Eat Your Way to a Fit Physique at the very top. The second one was about six overmap tiles from a sulfurous anthill and had 3-4 plastic Golems and a hacksaw. For a while I was convinced Wizard Towers were one of those locations designed to teach you that not every semi-dangerous area has good loot.