Miscellaneous Magiclysm Expansions

This is a discussion page for the “Miscellaneous Magiclysm Expansions” modification.

Here is the download link: https://github.com/MNG-cataclysm/Cataclysmic-Modifications/commit/6fe18306db4e1e400f34053032afcb821b66cc04#diff-aedfeaa9a234dd64079b88d28eb5f398
( New updates shall be posted there.)
Place within the cataclysm > data > mods folder in order to utilize.


Cool, thanks.
Just a question, do i just put it into the mod folder of cataclysm or inside magiclysm?

Simply place it within Cataclysm’s modification folder.

It seems that the mana engine is far too draining.
I had gone from a full tank to empty in less than 1 minute in game, by just going fast enough.
But from my tests, this has been the only thing that irked me.

I quite liked that new scenario of the magical hermit just need to find some shrooms for me now to make a legit magical veichicle motorcycle.

I could have sworn that I fixed the mana engine’s extreme power requirements. Oh well, I shall fix that soon. You need to craft magic mushroom spores, by the way.

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I will wait then, by the way, thanks for picking up my idea.
I had always wanted to create my own super death mobile fueled by the dead souls of shrooms.

You are quite welcome.

where can i get thos magic mushrooms?, just started a new game with the mod, but i have no idea

You, rather, craft them, using spores from either of the two base-game mushrooms.

I have been thinking about the addition of new mutations into this modification, yet I have no ideas. Does anyone else? (In other words, what new mutations does anyone wish to see?)

I would suggest manticore, but that’s basically just the chimera path.

Perhaps basilisk? Basically lizard path but with a more snake-like theme and different eyes. Petrifying eye special ability that paralyses foes for five turns? Probably too OP, so a bar or two of stamina cost might be required. Makes NPCs trust you less because you can’t look them in the eyes, unless you want them to, like a mugger so that you can make them really regret trying to rob you. Occasional molting if you want to add it too. Don’t know what you could do with basilisk skin.

Ogre. Large, in charge, and ugly. Tusks if you want. Thick skin definitely, for less damage taken. Dense bones as well, extra bar or two of health all-round but it makes it harder to swim and adds encumbrance.

Golem. Rock or crystal alternative to plant mutant. Huge, very strong, very tough, impossible to swim but at its latest stage you don’t need to breathe anyway. Doesn’t need a jackhammer for mining or walls. Malus to dexterity. Can only eat rocks, sand, and other minerals. Rock variant has extra defense, crystal variant has a huge amount of mana and deals cut damage instead of bash with unarmed.

Fairy. Small flying humanoid. Fragile but agile. Bonus max mana. Lower carry weight. Can switch from flying mode to walking mode. In flying mode you cannot trigger any ground-based effects, are much faster, and nothing slows you down, but you have even less carrying capacity and have to watch out for webs.

Demon. Infernal being. Immune to fire and smoke. Claws, horns, and wings. Wings cannot make you fly but allow you to make great leaps, useful for roof jumping or getting out of situations. Bonus to mana and an increase to learning and mastering pyromancy spells.


All wonderful ideas.

Vampire maybe?
Solar Sensitivity, Very Light Sensitive and can only drink blood but gets a bonus to dex/str and speed, maybe with a bonus to social interactions (hypnotic gaze)

what about adding a new mage class?, something like a conjurer, that its role is something like skyrim conjurer, summoning generic gear for every situation, like summoning throwing knives, spear, staff, and sword,bows, maybe a little slime too,to stop being all alone

It sounds like a wonderful idea. I shall include this, the aforementioned vampire mutations, and several orc mutations in the next release, and I apologize for the delay with the new release.

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What about an “unawakened” scenario? Something where the character possesses magical abilities but is unaware and unable to harness them properly just yet. I think of it as something akin to the trigger happy trait, but where spells are fired off randomly. Maybe after spell craft reaches 2 or 3 it’s considered they’ve gained enough self control to negate this but could lead to some tense moments until then.

I think perhaps spellcraft 2 or 3 might be a bit low, if you want it to create a tense situation; in my experience it can be extremely easy to breeze past that with a day or two of studying almost any spell (as you’d just need to sit and study a spell of difficulty 1 to get to spellcraft 2).

It could be any arbitrary number, but yeah, maybe 5 or 6 would be better after thinking about it. I’m less concerned about the number to negate random spells firing off and more curious about what thoughts others had on the overall idea of the scenario.

Fireballing yourself by accident would be hilarious not to mention the occasional sudden explosion noises you’d set off.

I think it would be a neat concept if there was a good way to get it to work, I’m just trying to think of how mechanically feasible it would be (since you’d also need a way to cast spells without cast time and regardless of conditions if it was to be a ‘spontaneous’ thing, unless you mean it’d just misfire spells when you tried to cast them).