Magiclysm Mana/manastones

I found a manastone in a wizard tower, is it any good? should I smash it? Also how can increase my max mana, or regenerate mana? I haven’t been able to find a wiki or guide for Magiclysm unfortunately.

if you smash it (that the only good thing from them) you get mana crystals that can be used to reload wands.

Mana is hard to get/regenerate, one is from the character creation (getting the mana efficiency regeneration traits) other way is to get mutations (with the magiclysm mod some get the chance to get those traits) one can get better version from them (i think plant/fish/octopus are the ones that get the best mana regeneration)
Other is to raise you intelligence (via though the magic rings, or mods like stats through skills or stats through kills)
other is to use in tandem the Arcana mod, its accesories give a boost to max mana (not much really) and a bit of regeneration too, they dont give much but on the long run its good instead of getting like 60 mana from every recovery tick you get like 80 or so

I take it wands and rings require me to find books I haven’t yet found? I haven’t seen anything I can create like that in my list of recipes yet. I do have Arcana installed, but 0 skill in it, and haven’t found a low level book to gain anything with it. I just took a bike ride that took me a half hour or an hour nearly in game and I only gained 200 mana. I don’t have any negatives to my mana regen.

Look for wizard college on your map, kinda rare though. This location can have Rings (+1/2/3 Str/Dex etc.)

to give more info:

rings and wands are not craftable, they spawn on locations like the wizard tower, magic cabins, magic college, magic shops etc.

The accessories from the Arcana mod, those are harder, since you need like at least around 5 arcana and the book for the recipe too, those can be found with luck in libraries or some houses, more regularly on mansions, and almost every time in Arcana mod locations like the Odd house, curious structure, impact sites etc.