The intercom's acting weird

Build 9625: Excuse me if this was fixed already, or if it is a known issue by one of the mods I have listed at the bottom.

So I found my first Hub01 building and did two quests for the intercom. Earlier in my game I found a mask that gave me happy feelings and allowed me to see through walls in exchange for a higher thirst rate and lower dex so I thought I’d give it a whirl at the hub. Saw “The Intercom” on the other side of the walls, closed off by concrete. I laughed at the shortcut that was taken to make this intercom thing work, because I knew that bethesda did a similar thing with chests hidden in the ground that held the merchant’s inventory. I don’t have a screenshot of then, but i have one of when I returned.

He would be in that little square to the bottom left, as those who were behind this would know. But here’s the problem as you can see, he’s not there. In fact, he was way off to the north-west.

I went to check it out, got attacked by the naked intercom with a duffel bag and crossbow. They were no match.

Fearing that I may have just messed up my first and currently only hub interaction point I checked out if the actual intercom could still be interacted with, and yes, they could still be interacted with as usual. They did have an inactive skitterbot in their inventory before I went to check them out and kill them, but the name of the item had an extra bit at the end that looked like coordinates. I don’t have a screenshot of that, but it was something like E0D102. While I could just go on from here since the intercom isn’t “broken”, I’d much rather keep this naked fellow alive as he would be unlikely to ever die if he had stayed in his room, so I alt+f4’d outta there and am now here to report on this.

I guess the only issue here is that they somehow teleported out of their enclosure several map tiles to the northwest.

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