Where can you find water purifiers?

I’m trying to make a FOOD CO kitchen buddy, and I cant seem to find a water purifier. Any idea on where to find one/learn recipe?

From http://cdda-trunk.chezzo.com/water_purifier :

Can be obtained when disassembling: FOODCO kitchen buddy
This recipe can be found in the following books when mechanics is at least the required level:
Advanced Electronics (level 3)
What’s a Transistor? (level 2)

You can disassemble a FOODCO Kitchen Buddy to get a Water Purifier you need to assemble a FOODCO Kitchen Buddy.


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The FoodCo presumably takes more power to keep running than just the water purifier, if you’re short on power generation. I’ve never had the die and swage, or found one, so I usually just build the water purifier and install it as part of the rain collection element of my base-mobile.

Can’t see the point. Power is abundant. Unless you’re living in a forest and driving a wooden cart.

Your skills in playing this game are clearly different than mine :smile: I spend most of my games at the near-starvation levels, too worried about food to spend days scavenging power.

Ah. Food is abundant too. At least if your seasons are not 1 day long, so that you don’t even have time to collect those tasty veggies from the forest.

Anyway, we’re getting off the topic here.

Is a FOODCO kitchen buddy standard in RV or luxury RV vehicle ? If yes that’s the best way to get one without having to worry about all the parts. However not sure about that, haven’t played for a while.

Water purifiers are occassionally spawned in military surplus.

I found one in the basement of an Evac shelter in my current play through.

Dandelions! Wild Veggies! Cattails! Food is all over the ground, you just gotta pick it up!

I’m still classifying myself as a newcomer to the game, but I’ve never run across a FoodCo.

I don’t recall ever finding a FoodCo, and water purifiers are pretty rare, as well (though relatively easy to make).

Food is crazy-stupid-easy to get in this game. Perma-food could be a score mechanic. Scavenge in the forest anytime but winter, even with 0 survival skill = more food than you can eat before it goes bad.

Yeah, I don’t recall ever seeing a FOODCO Kitchen Buddy in the wild. Had to make my own one for my ride. Also, question is, what’s the point in Onboard Chemistry labs? Since a FOODCO has the same capabilities plus lots of others.

I’m pretty certain that FOODCO kitchen buddy doesn’t include all chemistry tools that are required for some advanced recipe.

Also I vaguely remember finding a pre-made FOODCO once or twice - if that’s not in RV cars then perhaps in shops with stuff for house might spawn one.
Or my memory is playing tricks on me, being an old fart ridden with sclerosis that wouldn’t be surprising. And I haven’t played Cataclysm in any serious manner for almost a year, I only started to rediscover it.

Edit: if any one wonders - Vehicle Chemistry Labs are always included in the meth lab vehicles, Or were less than 1 year ago, of that I’m certain. Very easy to find.

Thank you! i assembled it yesterday along with the FOODCO and installed it in my ride.

No, it doesn’t.

If you want all the functions wired into your deathmobile, you need a FoodCo, a chem lab, a welding rig, and a forge rig. Well, and a minifridge, I suppose.

You can often get by without the chem lab, though, and just a chem set. Many of the things that require a chem set take no charges (just the attribute), and many of the things that do take charges don’t take very many or you aren’t going to do much.

So, unless you are going crazy with mutagen or one of a few other things, a chem set sitting in the FoodCo storage space will take care of you.

There’s at least one mod that adds a vehicle with a FoodCo, but so far as I know, the base game (and the vehicle additions pack, which is one of the most commonly used mods) does not spawn a FoodCo anywhere.

Uh, but I’ve crafted mutagens before, and I don’t have an Onboard Chem Lab…

Both a ‘chemistry set’ and an ‘onboard chemistry lab’ have a chemical making quality of 3, which is what is need to craft mutagen.

My point was that, if you going to do something that takes a LOT of chem set charges, having a chem lab (so those charges can come from your vehicle) is very helpful (though obviously not required), but there aren’t just a whole lot of things to do that DO take a lot of chem charges.

Uh? I don’t use any charges other than from a vehicle. And the vehicle doesn’t have a Chem Lab. Somehow I’ve managed to craft over 80 L of mutagen without using powered chem sets.

Other chemichal stuff included, too.