Purifying water in vehicles

Ok, I am having trouble figuring something out.

I install a 60L tank in my vehicle and put a funnel on top. I then use by FOODCO station to purify the water…now I have a tank of clean water … under the funnel, so if it rains and become regular water.

There must be some simple way to move the clean water into another (empty) tank, right?

I did not know funnels would… contaminate it, admittedly. does it contaminate when it’s completely full of purified water? if /not/ you can wait to purify until after it’s full and then removing the funnel

If you have another tank installed you can siphon the clean water, choose to fill a nearby vehicle, and dump it into a different tank instead. Or you could move the funnel over the empty tank.

I thought the FoodCo, if turned on, would automatically purify the water and move it to a new tank? You shouldn’t have to move it manually.

Of course, it’s been a while since I’ve managed to make it work.

I feel like I remember that functionality. Or it might be one of the vehicle mounted water purifier.

FoodCo takes a water purifier to make, and when you install it, there is an option to turn on the water purifier part. I just haven’t been able to find enough solar panels at the same time as I have a foodco to try running it overnight.

Unless something has changed in the last month, the water purifier runs and instantly converts the water in the vehicles tanks to clean water… it doesn’t need to run continuously. I don’t even remember an option to do so.

The idea of removing the filter is clunky after purifying water. It would make more sense if the purification process also allowed for an additional step of moving the purified water to another tank.

Ah yes, the water purifier is made of 8 heating elements and converts 0.25L of water to clean water in about a second using nothing but one charge of light battery… /facepalm

Some research on this topic: Steripen UV sterilisation^Wit is not sterilisation (see user guide) uses about a kilojoule of energy in 90 seconds to kill 99.9% of trouble. Question now is where one would source UV bulbs in-game or how one could craft them.

If we go by the heating element method: heating the water past boiling, then I suppose 1L needs (110-ambient temp) calories > 420 kJ of energy, or basically the whole charge of a heavy battery once energy losses are accounted for.

Also: it takes 4 heating elements to craft a hotplate, but a water purifier requires 8 ?

Info on the UV gizmo: https://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/2698497/Steripen%20User%20Guides/Classic%203%20User%20Guides.pdf

As been discussed in some other thread, sterilization through boiling is not the same as distillation, i.e. you bring the water to the boiling point temperature wise, but you don’t spend the energy to actually convert (all of) it into steam, but you still need more energy than what’s used currently, so it will probably be overhauled at some point.

It makes sense to me that a purifier working through heating would use more heating elements than a hotplate, as it presumably operates on larger volumes of water (a tank vs a pot, basically).

I’d expect the water purifier itself to be a container for liquid, that converts the water into clean water. Similar to how fish traps work, except on much shorter time scales. One would pour in water and return 10-20 minutes later to retrieve clean water, either by siphoning or via faucet.

I wonder … perhaps hotplate, purifier, food processor, electric forge… should be changed so they only accept the “mains power” magazine, which would be unobtainium. And you’d be expected to either install a battery compartment mod, mount it into a vehicle or install light/medium/heavy battery mod and end up with a near-useless tool.