Does the Foodco kitchen buddy purify automatically?

As per title. Can you install a tank that will take “unclean” water? Then a tank for clean water?

Do I have to activate it instead? Can I drop a can of unclean water on the tile?

[Edit: After experimentation I’ve found the most efficient method to fill a generator with water in 0.C is to have a steel jerrycan of dirty water (100 units) then use the purifier which uses 100 charges and turns it into a steel jerrycan of clean water, then examine and fill the water tank.]

You activate it to clean water in your inventory.

Thank you, does anyone know if liquid transfer and if multiple use vehicle liquid storage tanks are coming?

A metal tank can be used on a vehicle to make various tanks but a single tank cannot hold multiple liquids. Put it this way do you really want you gas and clean water in the same tank. I think the answer is no but maybe an exception is either a way to have multiple tanks in the same tile or to have another tank to store dirty water that gets collected and purified.

experimental has recently had some updates on this end, not sure if you can designate a specific liquid for a tank you install, or if you need to make a specific type of tank, then install it.

Be careful about the FOODCO water purifier lying to you. If you try to purify a too-large container (e.g. Water Tank at 225 units) the FOODCO will tell you it has insufficient charges. What it really means is that it doesn’t like anything larger than a steel jerrycan. At least in my experience.

I recently had multiple water tanks installed, meaning I had a clean water tank and a dirty water tank in the same vehicle at the same time. The way they are separated is via different components, by which I mean you have to have a small metal tank in order to install a clean water tank. If you want a dirty water tank, you have to have another component, a 33 gallon drum, IIRC. When you install the vehicle parts, they appear as ‘water tank’ and ‘clean water tank’ in the part selection list. And if you browse on them in the selection list when they’re greyed out, they should mention which components you need. If the they don’t appear in the part list at all, the component cannot be installed in that vehicle tile, so try a different tile.

Yeah I tried tp purify a 55 gallon drum at once one time. No idea why it can’t when there is ample power.

The FOODCO Kitchen Buddy uses the hotplate item as its base for purifying water. And it looks like whoever coded it only gave it 100 charges because that’s all a water purifier normally has, thus why you can’t purify whole 55 gallon jugs even though your Deathwagon has more then enough energy.

Its actually a recreational death vehicle. A modified RV. Also makes me think what would happen if we used a modded hotplate to build the kitchen buddy.

I don’t think the code differentiates between hotplates during construction. When I get home I’ll take a look at the json, should be just a simple matter of changing the number of charges to something like 1000 so you can purify to your heart’s content.

Does anyone know the min skills for making the vehicle forge? I have 7 fabrication and 5 electronic but the DIY compendium says I don’t have the skills to learn it. The item browser says the required skill is electronic 4…

What is your mechanics?

Yep, the item browser say’s a vehicle forge rig only requires fabrication 4 and electronics 4 to craft. If your trying to learn the recipe by reading the book I don’t know what to tell you, but you should be able to just build it so long as you have the book in your inventory or nearby.

Mechanics is 10. I have the book in my inventory still can’t even see the recipe in the crafting menu.

Think I fixed it.