Purify all the water

Ok, so the purify water bit has started to get to me.

I’ve got a solar kitchen set up, I’ve got a jerry can full of toilet water, a galon jug and a water tank in the RV

What’s the most efficient way keystroke wise to boil all that water and pour it into the water tank? Doing single litres at a time is killing my wrists

The - key lets you redo the last crafting action you’ve undertaken. So press - 10 times and fill up the galon jug with clean water, then load that clean water into the water tank.

Unless your willing to get another jerry can, this is the best way to do it I think.

Use 2 big item to hold liquid. Kreg is too much (and too hard to get) but if you get RV kitchen you can get the tank for car; so you can upgrade it to a bigger one, with crafting skill.
Then assign the empty item to a letter near (a) and quickly spam the letters in the good order . Like (-)recraft - (i)tem that hold water.
After this put water into your tank etc.

the simplest and easiest way is to find / make a water purifier. And no more hassle, use it on the largest recipient you have, or the smallest, and beware - clean water :slight_smile:

you know… probably would be a good suggestion if you can do a ‘purify all’ so you use up all empty bottles with 1 keystroke. less hassle.

What do you do when the fire goes out then? Keep purifying?


Actually, yea. That is the best way to purify water actually. I wish I remembered that at 2 A.M. last night.

You can get the heating elements from soldering irons if you need too. Also, make a batter mod so that if you get a keg of water, you can purify it all at once.

That would be very good.

In the early game I tend to end up with loads of invididual plastic bottles to purify, and aside from the underlying hassle, the inventory system messes up assigning letters to the containers about 1 time in 3, and I have to go in and manually re-assign them before I can continue.

There’s actually a nice way to really speed this up. If you go into the controls and scroll down a little while you will find an unbound command called “craft as long as possible”. If you bind that to a key (I use ‘’ myself) then you can simply hit that key, order to clean water, and the game will stay at the “select container screen” for as long as the fire lasts, allowing you to just hold the key for whatever item you want to store the water in and quickly purify all of the water.

we need to get wiki editors to add this to the wiki.

Thanks, that is helpful.