Whats your kill count?

just cause i’m curious how long people survive in their particular games, what they have at the time and such… i’ve almost survived a full year now on this character, after having a rocky start in an absolutely INFESTED military base, so i feel like 3122 so far isnt that bad considering all the ammunition i have… i’ve practically cleared out this nearby town (though more zombies still pop up out of nowhere and this mall has lots of them)

In my ‘Zombie Hunt’ livestream challenge a couple months back I got 632 kills in 24 hours. But the winner of the challenge got 10x that with over 6000 kills in 24 hours (using/abusing the totally-NOT-broken dodge mechanics which I demonstrated in the last episode to confirm/explain his winning numbers for the audience).

Probably a few tens of thousands.

Wait was this monsters or players?


I stopped counting them, I sleep better without knowing the exact number…
But I’ve killed 5 yesterday, if that’s of any help.

…Oh, you meant creatures in the game…? Ha… well… uhm…
I usually only start up the game to debug and don’t transfer my characters over to new versions, so I don’t have many saves that I’d know for sure are legit, but while searching for the one that is legit, I run into this one (I didn’t even remembered her, but it’s in a world filled with mods, map notes that I used to make on my plays and no debug traits so it’s unlikely I’ve used it for testing):

  • ♀ Queen Luu, Wasteland Cyborg, Mid-Summer year 1; 627 Kills.

This one I know for sure is legit and I absolutely loved her (she’s still very much alive, I just don’t play this world and version anymore):

  • ♀ Brian Moran, Tweaker (from the Really Bad Day Challenge), early spring year 5; 1097 Kills.

And here’s my oldest (version wise; build 0.C-6599) still living character:

  • ♂ Richie McIntyre, SWAT, autumn of year 2 (or 3?); 348 Kills.

There are more legit ones, but some of them I can’t get access to at the moment (and for a few months into the future) because of COVID-19 restrictions…

wow, that’s a lot lower than i would have thought for characters that had rough starts but decent starting skills.

i dont wanna say vormithrax’s zombie hunts dont really count, because you’re trying your hardest to kill as many zombies as possible as early as possible… but that is a -LOT- of zombies and you’d have to get really lucky (or abuse the system, as he says) to get that many kills.

Well, I play very carefully. This means that I’ve only lost 2 or 3 characters in comparison.
I’m also very stingy with my ammunition, so I have heaps of unused ones laying around; I just have it as a backup.
As far as I remember, I’ve also never ran anyone over*, as I don’t like to use cars in that manner.
*I think Brian had roadkilled a squirrel by accident.

My plays quickly turned into farming simulators so far, only with an occasional loot run…

I don’t think I’ve ever set my skills/stats/traits at the beginning.
I know that Richie was set to a shelter start, but I got really lucky for him to be a SWAT (the elderly lady before him in turn wasn’t that lucky).
I have no idea how Brian survived that day… It was a surrounded start too.
Somehow she managed to slip through and run into the woods where I’ve found a cabin and just waited out the addiction/withdrawal effects. She was pretty much starving at that point, so I ate a lot of food, including a few pieces of raw meat, which gave her parasites and almost killed her by starvation again… Bark tea (she missed the necessary cooking skill and I had no food left to train it up, but I’ve got lucky again) saved her.
A lot of her kills are also probably re-risen Zombies, as I used to Zlave them a lot…
For the Wasteland Cyborg; I think that was a totally random start.

to be fair with cars, in current versions running over zombies is pretty dang dangerous, considering the car falls apart if its not reinforced (and depending on what you’re trying to run over… can probably still fall apart!)

In my current run as a handyman who’s goal is to try and reclaim his town from the zombie hordes to rebuild some semblance of civilization I have like somewhere around 1,800 kills and roughly 300-500 left to go in the last 1/4 of the town. I’m only about half way through summer of the first year, shooting to try and have the town (mostly) zombie free by autumn provided I don’t run into anything too dangerous. Also hoping to run into some NPCs soon other than the gang of thugs living on the outskirts of town.

Rob Keys has 12,751 to his personal credit. Tons more have died from turrets and his two heavily armed companions.


nice! what’s his story~ how long have you survived with that character? turrets on a vehicle i assume?

I’ve posted a bit about Marshal Keys here and there. I’ve been playing him off and on since July of 2017 if the dates on the map files are correct. He’s been driving eastward in his solar deathmobile, the Sun Wave ever since, clearing whole towns and helping NPCs all along the way. He’s about 3,000 map tiles out at this point.