Longest survival time

Okay, this is a small fun survey where you can show off your survival skills. Tell the world how long you managed to survive!

The main question is:

[ul][*]What’s the longest time you ever survived with a character? (day/season/year)[/ul]

You probably should also answer the following questions:

[ul][]Wheather this character is still living
]Version number in which you died/still live on (for historic reasons)
[*]Any non-default world/gameplay-changing settings[/ul]

I think to provide more info about your character would be overkill

If you beat your record, just make another post. If your record character still lives, it would be wise to not update the record for every additional day, of course. Use common sense and don’t post too often. :wink:

You may use this template for your answer:

Longest survival so far:
Still alive?

My answer to the survey:

Longest survival so far: Summer 11, 1st year.
Still alive? Yes.
Version: 0.9.
Settings: IntCap, everything else is default.
PS: If there is already such a thread, I’m sorry. I searched but found nothing.

Time: Winter, day 21
Still alive?: Lolnope.
Version: A 0.8 experimental.
Settings: No skill rust, full 25 points, seasons set to 21.

Damn it… she was the best char that made it to winter from spring.

Day 1, spring, year 2
Status: Deceased
Version: 0.8
No skill rust, 10 points, start time 7:00 AM

That said my current character is about four days away from beating this record.

My best character survived a while year plus a few weeks, on 0.8 with standard vanilla settings.

My best character is my current one. It’s winter day 8 I believe. Started him in .9RC, everything default except I play no skill rust. I fuckin hate rust.

My best character has survived for a year and a half on 0.8, with 15-day seasons. Honestly, at a certain point simple day-to-day survival isn’t particularly difficult. Hole up in a mansion/hotel or near a good water source, spend your days chopping trees for wood and making charcoal and skewers for smoked meat. You can survive practically indefinitely after a point. No skill rust, though.

Hehe, there is some truth in that. The reason I die is due to mostly thanks to my own stupidity by walking into situations I could have easily avoided. I also think, if I have passed a certain point in the game, I could theoretically survive as long as I wanted but then where’s the thrill of the game then by staying home all time? ;D In practice, I survive much shorter then. xD
Speaking of dying: Today I lost my character in a lab on Summer 13, year 1. Oh, I always fall for those secubots, lol.

Longest survival so far: Autumn of year 1, day 2, at 1637.
Still alive? No
Version: .9

  • Auto-safemode on by default
  • 24 hour time
  • Force Y/N prompts
  • Sidebar style (Narrow)
  • Use Tiles (False)
  • Skill Rust (Off)

I died in a lab by being shot. :frowning:

Most of my characters die from what I call “I-want-to-start-over-itus”, usually as an unfortunate development of the “I-have-a-new-build-idea” virus.

That said, my oldest character lasted 10 days. He “died” to a corrupt save file (I learnt my lesson: back those saves up!) This was a few days ago on Stable 0.9.

Due to my being new, my longest life was about seven days. I was coming back from a night raid, and there was a spider, which I ran away from, only to get my head kicked in by a moose. This was in 0.8

Nowadays I’m accomplishing more, but not surviving as long, for some reason.

Longest survival so far: approximately 6 days
Still alive? Nopers!
Version: 0.9 Stable
Settings: frail, classic zombies, static spawn, no npcs whatsoever

On the seventh day, I got cocky and attempted to assault a bear with molotovs.
…needless to say, it did not end well.

And strangely enough I seem to live longer when I play frail.

Longest survival so far: Autumn, Day 10, Year 1
Still alive? Yes
Version: 0.9 experimental
Settings: No skill rust, no NPC’s, all others default.

Are NPC’s functional again? Last I heard they were buggy which is why I have them off.

Edit: FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK game crashed on me and I reverted to Spring day 3…so much work is gone…

Longest survival so far: Winter, Day 12, Year 1
Still alive? Yes
Version: 0.9 experimental
Settings: No skill rust, no NPC’s, city size 5, 20 day seasons, all others default.

First char in a while ive decided to survive long term with, others usually go down to new versions. Freakish powerful though, been living in a light power armor suit for a few weeks now, using sausages and eating wood to keep running. I think between the power armor, dodge at something like 15 and the CBM that can knock down walls im pretty much invincible.

[quote=“Roame, post:9, topic:4135”]Most of my characters die from what I call “I-want-to-start-over-itus”, usually as an unfortunate development of the “I-have-a-new-build-idea” virus.

That said, my oldest character lasted 10 days. He “died” to a corrupt save file (I learnt my lesson: back those saves up!) This was a few days ago on Stable 0.9.[/quote]

I like those neologisms :slight_smile:

Longest survival: 124 days 20 day seasons made it to Autumn 6 Second year)
Version: 0.7?
Skill rust: capped
Name: John Candlebury (YES they are all named like that)
Death Cause: Update to 0.8 and boringness

Time: Summer, day 2, year 1.
Version: 0.9 stable
Skill Rust: Default
Still Alive: Yes!

Longest survival: 6 days
Version: 0.9 Stable
Settings: Square distances, 25 points, Skill Rust OFF, Spawn Density 0.5
Name: Chaz (This is the name for all my characters)
Still alive?: Nope! I caught Roame’s “I-want-to-start-over-itus”, combined with a lethal case of “the fuckits”. In essence, I yelled “FUCK IT!” and charged deep into the nearest city, before being swarmed by zombies from a hotel and dying.

Longest survival so far: Spring, day 51, year 1
Still alive?Yes
Version: 0.9 Experimental
Settings: IntCap, Season length set to 90, spawn rate: 2.3, city size: 4.

most people turn off or lower down skill erosion. if that is off, you will get to a point where you are rambo pretty easily. even if you dont do that if you get CBMs and mutations you will get to the point where it is significant effort to die.

if you make it through about 4-6 weeks you should be strong enough to survive forever. this is doubly true for people who lower down skill erosion since you can max everything. even if you don’t the CBMs, mutatons, having a car to run away, and guns makes you pretty much unstoppable unless you do something horribly and I mean absolutely horribly wrong like run over 3 land mines.

most of the challenge is in the early game. I was turning up zombie spawns early, but I dont like how it lowers other spawns.

Longest survival so far: Can’t remember but most recent, Spring 8, Year 2
Still alive? Technically yes?
Version: 0.9 "Stable"
Settings: Dynamic Spawn, City size 8

Increased my strength, dex and int by 4 points each in the early game thanks to a special something, managed to install pretty much every CBM and had full night vision. Luckiest + best character to date… but the city size thing was overwhelming me, I couldn’t not be in cities. As soon as I left one, bam right back into a city. It was hell.
That plus even a tiny nudge on anything (not counting mobs) with my armoured truck absolutely destroyed the frame/reinforced windows.
And then the final nail in the coffin, I got to about 170mbs of map data and now no matter what I do it crashes if I try to escape a certain area and sometimes not even loading before crashing.
So no, he’s not dead.
But it’s as good as.
I don’t really feel like playing anymore knowing that if that map size gets too big it’ll just crash repeatedly.