How long have YOU survived the cataclysm?

My all time best is a month holed up in a mansion before getting killed by a tank drone… Whats yours?

Roughly 60 days left before spring 1 of the fourth year, 45 day seasons.

By year 1 or 2 I already found every item to steamroll through anything. I suppose the only death possible at this point is death by boredom.

8 years, default seasons

One month? Is that 30 days or did you mean one season, which is 14 days by default? Heh, it doesn’t matter, I suppose. Games have ended sooner, but also later.

Anyway, 2 or 3 years, with the default season length. That’s the longest I’ve bothered to play with a single character. At that point survival is perpetual, unless one starts to take stupid risks. Of course severe accidents and mishaps could always happen, no matter how advanced you are.

Is there really a point to play like 10 years? I’m now a bit curious about the monster evolution. What would I see 10 years down the line, with the default evolution rate? Any difference between waiting a single year and 10 years?

Would the devs have any use for 10-year-old games (save files)?

Well, in my case the monster evolution has gotten so far that I’m having trouble killing all the hulks and necromancers and hollows.

Stuff like normal zombies and boomers are now rare. The common zombie are the toughs, and usually there’d be lots of necromancers hanging out back that trying to face a big horde can be tricky if you don’t have a way to take out the necromancers first - or have a means to vaporize zombies on hit.

On normal zombies being rare, that NPC quest where you have to kill 100 of them makes finishing said quest take an extremely long time. Like… if there’s a horde of 100, sometimes you see 1 normal zombie out of the 100.

Yeah, I’ve had that problem. I found a place that had newly spawned zombies to help me finish it… um, mansion, maybe? I forget. But yeah, you have to have the NPC with you through all of it, too, which is basically impossible.

My record is the middle of the 6th year, at which point I made an ENORMOUS deathmobile with enough seats for every friendly NPC I’d found (and then some) and “escaped” (started again).

Nah, you can set the NPC to guard a position and you can kill zombies like that and eventually progress the quest.

That said, the quest would be a lot more manageable if the target is 100 tough zombies.

I think my best record is most of a year with 30-day seasons. I ran .A and Classic Zombies for like five months back then though so I got bored easily. My most recent character will probably be a record-breaker for me, with a full year on 90-day seasons.

I am approaching the end of year 1, 90 day seasons. It is not a new record though.

I usually die in the first 2days or get bored 70-100 days Though death has no timetable

I’m currently on my second season with 91 day seasons. Going strong with a sweet deathmobile that needs more crew and turrets and solar panels.

578 days and counting on Alice 2. After about day 5, I think survival is just a matter of playing conservatively and only taking risks when you have the resources to un-screw yourself from any screwed situation. That’s not to say I haven’t had close calls… mostly involving robots with machineguns; acid; or fire…

winter of the second year. 91 day seasons. The file got corrupted. I was sad for a minute.

3-4 years. 30day seasons.
can’t tell exactly because i always either die quickly or just get bored after sometime (or an exciting new experimantal comes and i got to start fresh)

91day seasons, usually 1.5~2 year

[quote=“BeerBeer, post:4, topic:11291”]One month? Is that 30 days or did you mean one season, which is 14 days by default?
Would the devs have any use for 10-year-old games (save files)?[/quote]

By 1 month I meant the 14 days default month… Yup I’m not the best…

If I live past day one that survivor’s set. The spend the next decade building a death mobile and drinking atomic coffee

I’ll admit, I don’t even remember how to play the first day. Marloss Man got really lucky, Marloss Man Reborn too. He spawned next to a small town and killed what zombies there were, then had it to himself. There was a garage with a welding rig and everything. For the first year, almost, he lived exclusively on roasted meat and junk food. Then the Solar Roller… IV? V? was completed and he was a nomad after that. He switched to marloss berries as soon as possible.

one still alive have second year of 30 day seasons
i cant get how long my characters survived because my what contained still alive characters (like character what had enought bionic power to run cloak for weeks, he was one with shadows) and memorials of best disapeared after using autoupdate but im not even mad

one of my characters survived whole winter of 100 day seasons (authun start), he had no deathmobile he had 2 long tile vehicle with cargo carriers this was his second map too i transported him to other world even with his base (middle tile of mainson, apeared in middle of forest it was hard to drive any vehicle to drop some cargo) after i butchered him all his power storage cbms filled every tile in my vision he died mostly because spring was to hot for him

another one survived a lot of time but its hard to tell how much, he was one of my characters created long before 0.B and my first successfull characters, he died because he used molotov cocktail when fighting agaist horde (first one what were large on map and nearly infinite in numbers) in forest covered in fungal bed and his water threatment plant was covered in it too while he was able to survive this he died trying to save stuff

one of my latest characters died to a bug what later caused this world to be unplayable he was my first successfull and last character what survived in city he lived over 6 years (30 days seasons) in liquor store he was doing well while he was allways deaf (noisy zombies smashing cars and buildings) he managed to craft a lot of things from scratch, steel was just lying on ground because zombies smash all wreckages and cars
he was killed by his car because his car just run over him when he was insite it later when i tried to apear this vehicle with other character my game was frozen