Survival records

So my most recent char is at about day 15, little savescumming has shown me he has 1000+ kills. Notable bad traits being grotesque and bat wings. Notable good being very perceptive, intelligent, phollyderm. Have 100+ internal battery, all power sources except for metabolic interchange. Diamond corneas, head armor, laser finger, all the general utils. Ive cleared out most of the city I live in and am eyeing off the larger ones nearby. I feel im pretty much unkillable apart from my own stupidity, so ergo, ive pretty much won.

Tales of other peoples great chars/kill records?

First I live peacefully in my evac shelter raiding at night and then I get raped by something.
Either by ants, bears, bees or by jumping out of a moving car.

Zombies are the smallest problem.

I built a killzone in the middle of town 100+ pits and I slept, I had 1,000+ zombie kills until a necromancer came around and raped me made sensual love to my ass.

Twas back when whales was still dev when one of my characters hit the two year mark.

died by massive swarm in the middle of a city(no save scummming involved)
nearly 7000 kills

I’ve nuked my game region. (Probably the only way to get more kills than with a car.)
I died of nuke flu.

You mean rapeiation?