Whats up with Bayonets?

So, bayonets. The thing that go on the end of a gun so you can stab with them. Except, they seem to get changed to be underbarrel. Then they where changed back. And now they are underbarrel again.

Does anyone have an idea what reasoning is behind having them as an underbarrel mod? I must say that ti makes no sense at all to me.

Bayonet lugs go under the barrel on real firearms. And it would be somewhat difficult to put something else there while the bayonet is attached.

This method of mounting bayonets has been the dominant one for a very long time, not that bayonets themselves are exactly common anymore. The practice of stuffing a plug bayonet into the muzzle went into decline over three hundred years ago.

Im not talking about plug bayonets, Im talking about examples like this.

Which, I should note is not possible to go and do with bayonets being underbarrel mods. Which with putting a bayonet on low-capacity rifles being the main use of bayonets is kinda strange.

With the logic of “you wouldn’t be able to put something else underbarrel”, the same is even more true for on the muzzle. Cant really have a bayonet and a suppressor at the same time, can ya? I can see folding bayonets not being able to be used with underbarrel mods, but we also dont have folding bayonets.

I don’t know much about bayonets but I can’t see how anything other than underbarrel makes sense from the pictures posted…

he is saying that the pic posted is what he would term a muzzle mod, I believe, but even if that were the case it would not be a standard muzzle mod it would also take the position of underbarrel away as well due to the handle of the bayonet

Except you can normally put something under a barrel when you have a bayonet. I can see you not being able to fire an underbarrel weapon when a bayonet is attached. I can not see a bayonet taking up the majority of the space underneath the barrel, or weapons specifically designed to have bayonets not being able to mount them.

Actually, theres a thought. Add in a “bayonet lug” to various rifles and light machineguns as an integrated mod, which allow for the mounting of a bayonet to it, otherwise having the bayonet take up the under-barrel space.

Is that grenade launcher supposed to be pointing at the pommel of the bayonet?

The bayonet mod slot was suggested before, but it was rejected. It’s pretty easy to add the slot using a mod, you just change the bayonets attachment to “bayonet” then add the “bayonet” mod slot to whichever gun you want.

Which doesent address the problem in the base game, where you cant mount a bayonet to the [abbr=Namely, low capacity rifles that where used with bayonets.]weapons that need them the most[/abbr] because someone keeps making them under barrel modifications for some obscure reason.

Okay, as a gun nerd in the group, I have to weigh in on that. The picture of the ‘tacticool’ AK you’ve got I don’t believe would work IRL. The grenade would hit the pommel of the bayonet and either just drop flat to the ground, or go careening off somewhere you’re not aiming. I get you want every attachment on your gun, ever, and while making the bayonet attachment point ‘underbarrel’ does limit some realistic ideas (such as having a vertical foregrip and a bayonet), it generally prevents bad ideas such as the one pictured. I don’t know how feasible it is to code a bayonet attachment point which would allow some attachments (see: grips, non-weapon attachments) when used while preventing others (Masterkey, M203, etc) from being put on.

But, I mean, it’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.

Dividing a mod between multiple slots would be a nice addition.

I can see you not being able to fire an underbarrel weapon when a bayonet is attached.