Problem with gun attachments

Any idea what’s going on here? Before updating to this game version I had an M1911 with spare magazine, pistol stock, Suppressor and firearm waterproofing.

I also had a bolt driver with improved iron sights, bayonet, extended magazine and adjustable stock.

Anyway, in this version (0.9-3442-g8446e15), the mods are still present and attached.

But if I take them off by hitting capital A, some of the mod slots are left “full” although nothing is actually placed in them. Meaning I can’t swap out a different mod.

The stock and sights slots say 1/1 despite being empty. It seems the bolt driver now doesn’t even HAVE an underbarrel slot, which sucks balls. I wanted to put my M203 on there. (I hope those are working now…)

I’ve just managed to get the mods off using lower case “a” from the item’s info screen. Now the mod slots are working OK.

Still no M203 slot on the bolt driver though… I can’t even put a bayonet on there.

Save and reload. That should clear the slots.

Or just use Z to refresh your weapons.

You mean wish in new ones? I suppose that’s an option.

So… I guess all weapons have specific slots now. This has kind of ruined my plans for an ultimate pneumatic bolt gun/grenade launcher.

You’d think considering all the crafting going on, you could jury rig an under barrel grenade launcher.

I like the new system.

You can.

You can make a pipe launcher, yes.

I meant more, I’d have expected there to be a way to jury rig the mount for one that could fit onto basically any weapon with a barrel.

Why not? You have lots of metal scrap and a welder.

You can make a mountable under barrel grenade launcher.

That’s what I meant. But I assume it can only mount on weapons that already have something like an M203 mount rail.

No use with my bolt launcher.

Huh, I guess you can’t anymore. I swear the bolt driver had a underbarrel/rail somewhere…

It definitely used to let me put my M203 and other similar weapons under there.

I’m not sure if it actually displayed itself as having the under barrel slot. I last tried it out back in a version before the slots were clearly displayed with the 1s and 0s.

Just checked the code, the pneumatic bolt driver doesn’t have an underbarrel slot. This may be an oversight, we should check with Rivit how she pictured it’s design, the description is a little vague. If this is a pepperbox style weapon, then an underbarrel slot wouldn’t make any sense at all. If it just has a huge revolver cylinder, then an underbarrel slot is perfectly reasonable.

The Bolt driver is supposed to look the Helsing from Metro.

Just looked it up, it’s pepperbox style, so an underbarrel weapon doesn’t make a lot of sense with the design.