Sane Weapon Pointy Bits / Cannalan Importers

2020-07-21 Update

  • Now officially located on TheGoatGod Experimental Mod Pack, please direct all downloads there.
  • New Calliber, the M19-- Basic Rifle Cartage, added. Comes in standard, match, reloaded and reloaded match flavors. The BRC is between .45-70 and .700NX in power, erring on the side of .45-70.
  • New firearm added, the M1913 SSR, a 5-shot boltaction cambering the M19-- BRC. Single load or use stripper clips to feed her.
  • New pipe rifle options added for both BRC and SRC, so finding a can of 1200 rounds is less of a pain when you cant find the gun its used in.

Bayonets. Once upon a time bayonets where muzzle attachments. One day, without warning or explanation bayonets where made to be underbarrel attachments. After several years of intermittent rambling about how it made no sense and where generally worse, I got to work making the SWPB mod.

Behold! Bayonets you can stick on shotguns, bayonets you can stick on weapons alongside your underbarrel weapons! Bayonets that are nice and functional!
Specifically, the combat knife, sword bayonet and RM42 fighting knife are now muzzle-mounted mods. (Thank you to TheGoatgod for helping to maintain this and providing the Github space)

Up-to-date locale here.

Depending on how long you have been mucking about on the various CDDA forums or if you frequent the Spacebattles or Bay12 forums, you might have seen various forum games billed as Arms Races. Some of the strange weapons developed for them are rather interesting, so Cannalan Importers was started work on to include some of these to CDDA.

Official download as part of The Goat God Experimental Mod Pack