Did Underbarrel grenade launchers was removed?

Hello everyone, it have some time that i don’t play this amazing game (since danny) and now im playing stable Ellison. My quick question is, are grenade launchers, and it’s under-barrel counterparts, removed from the game? I’m developing my mod and didn’t find it in the data files. Maybe I’m not looking in the right files. I don’t know. If someone can help it would be of great appreciation. Thanks

Both grenade launchers and underbarrel mods do still exist in 0.E-3, assuming you are thinking of the Mark 19 or RM802 grenade launchers (or similar), or the M203 gun attachment.
Since you seem to ask for the underbarrel specifically in the title: The item definition for the M203 can be found in \data\json\items\gunmod\underbarrel.json.
The regular grenade launchers can be found in \data\json\items\gun\40x46mm.json and \data\json\items\gun\40x53mm.json.

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I checked real quick here and you are right. Now I can further develop my mod. Thank you