What's the point of tents and sleeping bags

Recently I went on a little trip in my Cataclysm world to discover some new area around m base. I really prepared for it, took a bit of food, cooking devices etc. The main thing I was really lookin to use is sleepin bag. I thought it will give me everything necessay to have a good sleep. But I was really disappointed. It just gives you warmth… What’s the point then? Why is it not working as a bed? Probably if you have materials you can craft makeshift bed to use it together with sleeping bag, but that’s not the best thing to do in the middle of the forest, in 02:00 while you are tired.

Before that I also tried to use a tent. And again “It’s hard to sleep on the ground”. Uhm… I mean, in this case I can’t even build a bed inside it, so again - useless item.

Why not combine these two? It would be something like:

  1. Deploy tent
  2. Activate sleeping bag on the inside tile of tent
  3. Sleep well without penalties

Taking those things with you on a vehicle is useless as well, because you can perfectly sleep wihout them, just inside the vehicle, unless it’s a motorcycle. So it should be worth to carry a tent and sleeping bag inside your inventory.

You need a cot, my dude.


Or a rollmat, that make the ground easier to sleep on. The sleeping bag ought to improve things, though. If it doesn’t I’d call that a bug.
Someone recently pointed out that tents seem to be setting their center tile to the hardness of a floor instead of the softer dirt tile underneath, which might be part of the problem.


As Mantar said above. There’s currently a weird bug with the tent floor, but a rollmat fixes it easy. The sleeping bag (and other clothes in the pile) do help increase comfort somewhat though. I’d definitely recommend brewing yourself some alcohol and using that as a sleep aid and morale booster. Helps a lot with spending all your time out in the wilderness.

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Ah, okay, that makes sense. Looks like i’ve never met either a cot or a rollmat…

I’d definitely recommend brewing yourself some alcohol and using that as a sleep aid and morale booster.

Thanks for advice, I’ll try that! I had a lot of annoying troubles with sleeping, when even tired charater sometimes can’t sleep in a comfortable bed with blanket. Well, time to become alcohol addict.