Straw bed inside tent not recognized by NPC as bed?

Hi all, this thing has been bugging me alot lately because winter… My NPC friends are sleeping outside the tents and i feel bad about them. :frowning:

I meant the haystack/strawbed inside the tent that was premade as NPC base. They dont go inside the tent they just sleep outside. Is this normal? Also when i constructed a bed near the manager, she moved to the bed outside.

Offtopic Question: I enabled mod “disable npc needs”, and discovered that an NPC i have has negative vitamins level in their needs?(debug menu) does this affect their stat?

Sorry bout the bad construction of sentences or word, English is not my main language. Peace.

Also im using this version in android

NPCs are supposed to sleep in the most comfortable spot within 6 tiles. I’ve seen some weird behavior in that regard.

Haa you mean itchy Straw Beds… :rofl:
As if the cataclysm is more comfortable. Haha.
Well if they prefer snow beds, fine then.