Sleeping inside tents doesn't work

whenever i try to sleep in a tent or a shelter kit, my PC just tosses and turns until he starves to death. But if i step outside and sleep on the dirt, he falls asleep instantly. I’m just guessing here, but i think it might be because the tent floor tile is bugged somehow. maybe it has a really low sleep value (or whatever the game uses to figure out how easy it is to fall asleep somewhere) and that’s what’s causing the bug. is there some way for me to fix this manually until it gets fixed officially? where does the game store the sleep values for different floor tiles, and how can i edit them?

Is your character a plant mutant by chance?

no. doesn’t matter if i start a new game with no mutations and accomplished sleeper and use debug to give myself a tent, either. i still can’t sleep. he just tosses and turns for a week straight until he dies.

Definitely sounds like a bug.

FYI I think it’s phrased as ‘comfort’ rather than sleep. I could be wrong, of course.
I’d never realistically find this out because I’ve never used a tent before, but dang that is a weird bug.
Does it still provide shelter from rain and stuff though? I believe that’s part of the point of why it exists after all.

It’s the same as a hard floor which is difficult to sleep on. Get a roll mat and you’ll be fine add a sleeping bag for bonus points.

So it just sets the comfort to that of a hard floor? Weird, it should probably inherit the comfort level of the tile underneath it instead.

The game is weird with things. So it probably doesn’t do that as if I recall rightly ever single tile type has its own “comfort” which is modified by mutations (spider plant and Mycus all have specific tiles you can sleep on).
Also something to keep in mind; if you have Heavy Sleeper you CAN starve to death in your sleep if you have certain mutations like the extreme metabolism mutation.

Also remember that you could always press “.” to cancel your current action

You can’t do that if you are actually asleep at the time though.

didnt he say that his character tosses and turns? you dont sleep when you do that, do you?

Nope. You can interupt it up until the point you fall asleep.