Magazine/Book sleep pad?

This idea came upon me when I camped out at a gas station soon after starting a new game and I found a sizeable quantity of books and magazines but had no place to sleep on. I imagined that if I was in that situation I’d make a sort of padding like a rollmat to sleep on out of the magazine and books. Would this be worth the effort of implementing, and be realistic enough to require such? Maybe it could be a part of the construction menu as not to be able to move it around without deconstructing it.

It seems simple enough to implement, you can already disassemble books for paper, so just add a craftable item out of paper that functions like a rollmat.

Uh, I’d probably opt for something like a coat rather than a pile of paper. Least from my perspective, paper would have a lot of edges and likely be slippery. It’s also thin, so not much padding or insulation. You’d need a LOT of paper to make a respectable nest.

IMO, not worth it. Sorry.

I dunno, I’ve slept pretty well on the floor with a book as a pillow before. Maybe some padding, but not much insulation.

I don’t think that cataclysm differentiates between carpeted floor, grass, and rock, cement, or lenolium as far as comfort goes. Grass or carpet is already miles more comfortable than anything you could make with paper, although I can tell you from experience that a few newspapers or cardboard boxes make a world of difference if you have to sleep on a truly hard surface.

So: realistic, yes, but not quantitatively representable at Cataclysm’s level of detail.

Slightly off topic, but you can already sleep atop a bunch of clothes to keep you warm and comfortable.

I was under the impression that you could only use the cloth pile thing for warmth, not for comfort. Is it really so?

Actually magazines and newspapers make good beds when you roll & tape them quite tight and then tape them side by side. The paper roll acts as spring & insulator that keeps one off the ground and forms on body slightly. Add one blanket/sheet/towels/rollmat on top and you have quite decent place to sleep.

OK, how many magazines should I use? I’m 6’2", so I’m thinking that’s at least 72 magazines I’d need?

This is low priority, I know, but for what it’s worth hobos, in media and IRL, can be seen sleeping with/on a pile of newspapers if they can’t find cloth covers.

[quote=“Vronkio, post:7, topic:3957”]I was under the impression that you could only use the cloth pile thing for warmth, not for comfort. Is it really so?[/quote]I’m not sure on the comfort part either, I just made a guess.