Should wearing armor cause issues when sleeping?

Should wearing lots of clothing or armor cause issues when you sleep. Like its harder to get to sleep or its lest restful? Or alternatively should you get a bonus for going to sleep in lighter clothing or no armor?

Its it just tedium or is it sensible change that makes the apocalypse harder because you don’t quite get the sleep you need hiding in a cave decked out in armor and clothes waiting for the horde to pass over head, thus making you less likely to be prepared to fight the stragglers and surprises. Or giving you the choice to be protected and ready to fight that zombie that broke into your home and attacked you while you slept vs. waking up chipper and ready to attack the day.

I kept writing long replies but they were just rants about catheters and cushioning and futuristic armor.

Basically, I think ‘Yeah, wearing armor to bed would suck’ but that implementing this would be tedious for the player. Or annoying, because you’d constantly forget to take off your armor and then would suffer morale penalties.

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It’d be an interesting addition, a way to foment you to sleep in what you’d actually sleep in in real life.
I myself already do sleep in my underwear in my game, mostly because it gets uncomfortably warm if I stay indoors for long with my survivor armour on.

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Get air conditioner : )
Or sleep next to the fridge.

The choice to sleep in your armor and gear or not is interesting, as you point out.

The tedium is the process of taking off a bunch of armor and equipment, putting on a bunch of different equipment, reassigning any keybindings that got messed up, and having to do it again when you decide to head out.

If you could change outfits with a single keypress, I’d support penalties for sleeping in armor.

I’d say yes, but to keep the ui from being annoying, we need something like a “clothes rack” you can interact with to stash your regular gear before going to bed or whatever other thing you want to be comfy for.

Alternately as @mlangsdorf suggests, a dedicated action to swap loadouts, possibly just on a pile on the ground.

I proposed a UI change to the armor sorter: “remember outfit” and “put on outfit.”
Remember outfit would add the current outfit to a slot with some kind of name.
Put on outfit would let you select a remembered outfit, then it would take off anything you’re currently wearing that isn’t in the current outfit and put on as much of the remembered outfit as can be found in a reasonable distance (1-2 tiles).
I guess there’d need to be a third option, to display items in a remembered outfit.

It’s not quite “no fuss, no muss” but I don’t think it’d be too hard to implement. But what do I know?

Fridge would make you hotter. Man is currently incapable of effecently CREATING cold on a consmmer scale. Closest we have is using evaporation really well. Or exchanging heat between 2 locations like your fridge and AC do.

on topic.
Yeah, when games have multiple scenario type armours I always long for a neat row of armour racks I can label and everything. Then dump on one rack, and grab from the one I want. The option to “choose preset outfiut/loadout” would be nice for more space conservative needs like vehichles.

I agree with the other posts. Tedious but doable. My preference leans towards the tedious side. But with saved loadouts, I suppose it wouldn’t be that bad to deal with.

Saved loadouts would be SO good. It’s always a pain when the seasons start to change and I have to re-kit myself and remember what combo of clothing+containers gives me the best volume/armor/temperature for this particular season.

Not to mention special kits for doing mines, or fireproof gear for temples, etc.

I like the ideal of armor racks, it feels less gamified and more real than just sorting from a pile… or maybe it can be done from a dresser. Though I guess the detail of where the clothes are stored is moot. Just the fact that you could be able to save a load out in the clothes sorting UI would be sweet.

I think saved load-outs would be very useful.

I would not make armour stands mandatory in a game where most of the time you’re just dropping things in a pile on the floor.

Issue is, heat is the highest entropy form of energy. If you wanted to “create cold” you would need to convert high entropy energy to low entropy energy (pretty sure that’s impossible), convert energy to mass (probably impossible), or outright destroy energy (impossible).

Personally, I think marking outfits would be really neat. It might be easiest to just have a build-able marker for “outfit piles” and activating them would swap appropriate clothing with what you’re wearing. It could go through and check each of the clothing items on the pile, equipping them if there’s nothing worn in their slot, or swapping them out if there is.

That is “possible”, as mass is basically a special form of energy. Even creating matter from energy is possible.
For the rest I think you are correct.

Correct. Let me say impractical then. Technically amounts of energy are converted to mass on a daily basis, especially in anything nuclear and in particle colliders. Nothing that could reliably convert heat into a usable mass though.

Saving outfits is just a QoL change for the player. It doesn’t let you change outfits instantly in game time. If the hulk is coming through the door and you want to take off all your crafting gear to put on your power armor, it’s still going to take a huge amount of game time, same as if you 'd’ropped everything and then wore the power armor.

It just lets you change outfits with many fewer keypresses.

As a fairly straightforward enhancement, the game could detect if you’re standing next to a dresser or armor rack and ask if you want to store your old outfit there.

I like this idea and the “comfy outfit morale bonus” one too. If we can have those with few keypresses it’ll be a nice way to make players focus on base safety, even if they can just mow down anything that gets too close to them.

You could make encumberance have some effect on sleeping, or while sleeping.

“You wake up and your arm feels sore”
“You have trouble sleeping with all the gear your wearing”

It’s easy to add penalties for armor while sleeping. The exact penalties are open to debate, but it’s not a big deal.

But if we just impose the penalties without making it nearly painless for the person playing the game to change outfits, then we’ve added annoying busywork and people are rightfully going to complain. The sequence has to be “enable changing by outfits” first, then “enable penalties for inappropriate outfits.”

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Oooh, and if outfits are a thing, could we have a way to apply them to followers? Dealing with NPCs equipment is annoying as fuck. :slight_smile: