What's the MOST Dangerous Being of the Cataclysm?

The player. Pressing the “create world” button starts a new apocalypse. Killing them doesn’t help, because they’ll just come back in a new body with new skills and gear. And if they get bored, they can completely destroy the world on a whim.


Considering that the Bone Witch NPC references something exactly like this, you aren’t wrong. In fact, it’s presently canon that the ‘Player’ is actually the single most destructive being to exist, and the only way to truly stop the Cataclysm is for the player to stop playing. By her philosophy, either by her helping the player reach a point where they achieve their personal victory, or she doesn’t or even kills the player, it won’t matter as the end comes in the form of the player stopping his game.

Gotta love the 4th wall NPC hidden in the graveyard.


Yep, you’re pretty much armok from dwarf fortress. It’s a nice touch.

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Huh, they changed it so that they don’t only spawn in the sewer treatment plants anymore?

Well aren’t the devs kind~

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The shocker zombie.

What other people think of as the “most dangerous” enemies usually have limited encounters due to that explicit danger. Highly evolved zombies are only encountered late-game when you’re a combat monster. Robots have predictable spawns that can be navigated around, and can be taken out with EMP grenades. Turrets don’t move and are easily avoided until you can deal with them. The most dangerous nether creatures have predictable spawns and/or aren’t encountered until late-game. All of these things are easily avoided and/or prepared for.

The shocker zombie is encountered day 1, spawns randomly, and does not give a flying FUCK whether you’re prepared or not. It’s a similar deal to the moose or mi-go, except the shocker zombie is more dangerous than either of them. The pain and paralysis inflicted by shockers will turn your easy-going raiding sideways in an instant. Trying to overwhelm it in melee is risky at best, you can’t scare it away, it’s more aggressive than a moose, it’s usually accompanied by allies unlike a moose or lone mi-go (which the stun and pain make many times more dangerous), and even by itself I consider it more dangerous than anything short of a hulk.


If we’re talking about Day 1 Cataclysm, then the Shockers certainly are one of the two worst to encounter. The only other one would be a Brute since they do spawn in certain locations.

Mi-go towers are certainly something you also don’t want to go into Day 1.

Granted, this thread is mostly focusing on the end-game of the Apoc, but Day 1 is a topic to discuss too.

I made them very rare, but mi-go myrmidons might be a contender. I don’t think I’ve heard any encounter reports to know how people have found them. They are similar in durability to a juggernaut, but faster and with a reduced power version of the slaver beam.

Hounds of Tindalos aren’t a death sentence even to a complete egghead wearing a Phase Immersion Suit (which is kind of mediocre at protecting from the more mundane threats) and wielding some kind of weapon.
The portals themselves, however, are a never-ending source of fun.

Not sure why Shockers are supposed to be the worst (or even one of the two worst) enemies on day 1. Probably because I’m no longer doing town raiding early since neither running away nor slowly whittling down the hordes with crossbow bolts are viable options anymore. Most of my non-challenge run characters die to mi-gos or spiders, rarely to wolves or coyotes if I get careless or overextend.

I would say a NPC.
Monsters and robots are somewhat predictable while NPCs are not. Moreover, their health system is based on player’s health system. Player can hit them good but the only outcome will be a broken arm while many monsters would be dead already. Although it is likely that we would encounter a NPC that is not armed with a gun, they are very dangerous. They are able to jump on players during crafting, butchering, repairing our car etc. Bandits’ apartament tower is savage. It is pure hell

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Turns out it's man


Wascally Wabbits!

Cataclysm Quick Slip #6 - Wascally Wabbit Wevenge!


I consider the Shockers to be dangerous mostly due to the pain scale they inflict more so than their damage, and their vicious aoe attack(s).

They are far more common than some of the other Day 1 horrors, which is why I rank them higher. Population counts for something in my risk index. More likely to encounter two-three shockers in an alleyway than you will a brute or an invader type.

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Side note, this is not cannon. The apparently crazy npc is just actually crazy



But it’s 4th wall breaking if we juxtapose their theories that the world will end if the Player is killed or aided, and that connects to either the player no longer playing or ending their game at some point.

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my nemesis was those bloated zombies and hulkies… now since updates to the turrets they become my nemesis… so yeah turrets… if you walk around, mind your step ahead before you got holes on your body.

but the reward for killing them is satisfying tho, 1500 bullets of 5.56mm ready to use.

Try a lab challenge run sometimes. The turrets no longer always have a light source on their tile. It’s less of a problem when there is an intact console in the room, but they can appear in some other room types and even in select few corridors. But on the upside you can maybe walk around its darkvision radius to hopefully reach a door (just don’t forget to step back on “hostile detected” first).
Unfortunately manhacks have gone all but extinct, they were a bit more of a challenge than security guards and dogs.

will do, i love labs too… loots and stories about bizarre experiment is there.

plus that feeling of exploring an abandoned labs responsible for monsters that is roaming the world is like those zombies game we always know.


everyone forgot that any being includes EVERY moving thing in the game. so the most dangerous being in the cataclysm is a late-game player charater since at that point you are a nigh unstoppible distructive force with a body count in the thousands. i can’t think of any creature more distructive than that in the game.

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Your Mother. Isn’t this obvious?


Yeah, I’m just gonna show myself out here now…


anything that makes heat is pretty dangerous considering its a “silent” killer and it spreads. in addition to that, hot air is invisible to all forms of detection so it can be pretty iffy if you’re a safe enough distance.