What's in your "Bag of Tricks" i.e. insurance items

Hi! Now that 0.B’s been released I’ve been playing a bit more (and dying more). All the new high-level enemies have made me think a lot about my character’s bag of tricks, i.e. the items you carry around just in case X happens.

Right now mine is composed of:
Holstered Leadworks .45 revolver - For Brutes/Drones
1 Molotov - For hordes
1 EMP grenade - For heavy drones
1 Smoke grenade - For running away like a ninja

This is in addition to my standard kit which is:
Standard first aid/food/etc + Nodachi main weapon w/ reflex recurve bow as primary ranged weapon, as well as normal tools like multitool, mess kit, flashlight, etc.

So what’s in your Bag of Tricks and has it ever gotten you out of a serious jam?

Control laptop for big bots
Incendiary grenades for whatever
Grenades for annoying NPCs
Explosive crossbow bolts + pistol crossbow for big things
Flaregun for triffid queens
A7 laser rifle for killing things gently (I splatter everything I kill, which isn’t good for shockers and such)

I think if you find it worth strapping a gun rifle on you and it has 50 so volume to actually be worth the lost backpack, thn i would have a heavy gun…

if i run into something i can’t handle i usually forget my bag of tricks and die…

Matchbook… .cant argue with fire.

Really high melle and dodge skills come in handy in most situations with a plastic bottle when you come across shockers

-RM88 Battle Rifle, if you want something dead. Burst fire awayyy!
-Molotovs, not much else needs to be said. Absolutely brutal weapons.
-Bear trap. Cumbersome but good for giving you the edge against a fast approaching target.
-EMP, fuck off tankbot.
-C4 charges. Good for setting the timers in different orders and having a nice predicted chain of explosions.
-M72 LAW. Fairly easy to carry, and 1000+ damage is no laughing matter.

An EMP can’t kill a tank bot. It only takes down the tank’s health by about 2/5.

Besides blades and lethal kung-fu - Rivtech weaponry.
Thanks again, Zombie-gnomeby woman! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve always thought an EMP would mess up a tankbot pretty good. I haven’t yet had the courtesy to try my EMP’s out on them; by 2/5 do you mean two fifths of its HP or 2 to 5 points of damage? If its two fifths then I’m currently carrying 3 EMP’s, so that works out fabulously.

M72 Law.

The only panic button any survivor I have needs. It’s enough to stop just about anything I couldn’t handle otherwise or create enough of a situation to get me out. And they’re fairly compact and light so bonus points.

My bag of tricks is just a fusion blaster rifle. I have a UPS bionic and torsion to power it with over 4k power. It’s basically infinite ammo that does absurd damage, starts fires, has AoE, and can kill stuff from 30 paces or so.

Explosives; dynamite, grenades, C-4, smoke grenades, pipe bombs, molotovs, mininukes, whatever I can find.

I use a wheelbarrow to go looting, and I always keep a few loaded crossbows in it, allowing me to fire several in a row rapidly.

Another excellent backup is to have a holster or two with loaded flareguns, you can setup piles of flammable stuff and then shoot them with a flaregun when the enemies get close.

All that aside, By far the best tricks to have are Probability Travel and/or Time Dilation, both can allow you to escape from certain doom with trivial ease depending on the situation. My favorite is PT, which allows me to sleep inside locked bank vaults which are exceptionally secure.

Hardcore stimulants and running. Smoke grenade to cover my scent, rags to staunch the bleeding.

Frankly I wind up in these situations unprepared and under-dressed, not toting a shit ton of guns hahaha.

In early version it was NX-17. This version it’s the only weapon - fusion blaster rifle. Beats EVERYTHING.

Morphine paired up with nanobots make a great emergency recovery set, either variant of that Rivtech shotgun that fires 20x66mm rounds, a M72 LAW, which I have unpacked and stored in my bike, because the biggest chance I’ll find a walker or drone is when I’m driving around.

I also carry a variety of explosives of varying function and explosiveness if I can.

Annnd I have my sledgehammer, on the off chance I find myself cornered but not vaporized, I can break a hole in the wall to make a escape.

Though more often then not I can never use any of my tricks except the first one mentioned.

EDIT I also have a ammo-less rifle with a loaded grenade launcher in my trunk.

ANOTHER EDIT add a adrenaline injector to the growing list.

[quote=“Nopkar, post:8, topic:8415”]M72 Law.

The only panic button any survivor I have needs. It’s enough to stop just about anything I couldn’t handle otherwise or create enough of a situation to get me out. And they’re fairly compact and light so bonus points.[/quote]

And a backup m72 LAW in case the first one doesn’t do the job.

I love these. Burning shit has never been so much fun.

On-topic, I am mostly a nomad so whatever I have managed to nick.
M-72 L.A.W. has been mentioned already; it’s good to dispose of anything you cannot be arsed to deal with in more… steady manner.

Oh, and shooting buggers with a shotgun at point-blank.

EMP grenade just saved my bacon - tank bot rolls into the garage I’m looting, I drop EMP which “fries” the bot according to the description, but it’s still rolling so I get out my Leadworks 2031, 0.45 revolver and unload 10 rounds on it, at which point it dies while trying to run from me - not sure if it was the close range or the EMP that prevented it from firing on me, but I got out alive! Now I need to study up on electronics so I can make more EMPs.

Adderall, cocaine and low grade meth. There’s not much you can’t handle with 250 speed.

This game really needs to add in coronary vasospasm and hypertensive crisis. LOL

Mixing Like with Like (stimulant with stimulant, depressant with depressant, opioid with opioid) or any of those three with alcohol is an express ticket to the hospital/morgue.

Although in the current game system without a PR to add in drug interaction/potentiation I do agree 250 speed is like godmode and super awesome.

(I suppose a general system to give drugs class tags and set up some basic multi-drug interactions by class wouldn’t be too hard but I’m a healthcare worker, not a programmer. It’d be way too complex to set up interactions between all the individual drugs though.)

Actually if you get too stimulated you die of a heart attack. I’m not sure exactly what point that is at mind you, but it is a possibility…

And if you take too many depressants you overdose and stop breathing. Game over.