What's Happening in YOUR Randomly-generated Apocalypse?

So I found 5 dead humans with ~250 cocaine and had a lot of weapons and food and everything went well. But on the day the shelter got attacked b some zeds that I attracted I got shot down by the NPC in the shelter. May it because I peeked through the curtain or because he disliked zombie attracting druggies.

On my other game I found a scooter, obviously learned to drive at night, got surrounded by zeds and got killed.

Eking out a surprisingly comfortable living in the woods via combination of - tent, rollmat, crossbow, machete, and wood axe. I keep moving West in the hope that I’ll find a peaceful spot near a supply of water because so long as I have wooded areas nearby I eat like royalty.

A river is a wonderful supply of water (so long as you purify the water in it). Just… don’t settle near swamps. I once camped near a swamp. It was fun with a capital F.

Figured I’d make a account to post this. After dieing I start again now knowing stupidity is lethal… and without taking a single step from my starting location this happens.

I was laughing like an idiot when it went off… hopefully I don’t spawn there next time.

Yeah, the NPCs give weird stuff. You can also get active acid-bombs from them, which will cover the tiles around with acid every time you activate them. That said, you probably shouldn’t have activated the activated mini-nuke, since they don’t explode by themselves unless you activate 'em…

Lydia Ryder returned to the Cataclysm today. She ran into town, picked up some guns and equipment, was confused by strange accessories and flowers, then blew up a garage with a car in an instantly fatal manner.

Got horribly burned by some acid rain. Luckily, I managed to make it to shelter with only six health left. There is a silver lining, though. While running, I managed to find a plasma rifle with about 50 hydrogen nearby.

I ate an entire bear in one sitting, someone mind drawing this for me?
Also died of acid Chocolate Rain!
Chocolate rain mod is the best mod I have ever created.

My current character found out how OP throwing spears is. :smiley:
Though he got killed by a strange monster called “crash”.

Looks like they spawn mostly next to NPCs but also in open field when you do nothing but hunt squirrels.
Maybe it’s a secret mechanism PETA installed into this game so we don’t abuse animals and stop piercing those little buggers through their head with a spear.

Oh and although hachets and machets have similiar names you will notice the difference very soon when your clothing gets ripped apart by wolves.

Holy shite, I holed up myself in a police station (my favourite place, this corridor and room next to the vault are built for melee defender), and managed to take down some 250 zeds, armed with high dexterity and Weapon of Gods, the Holy Wheel Shield. Is it normal that when you’re fighting 1 on 1 with shielding weapon you won’t get a scratch? They did take me down in the end, shocker turned me to frickin’ fried chickin’. Who the hell said those guys are just another useless spitter??

  1. Yes, it’s quite normal to be able to beat anything with a (wheel) shield. One can even beat a Hulk with a wheel without even being injured in the process! Well, sometimes.

  2. Shockers are evil, yes. They shoot ‘rays’ of electricity. So long as you don’t walk into the places where there is electricity when the shocker has did its magic, you won’t get paralyzed. Most of the time they shoot electricity at you, the only place where the electricity won’t spread to at first is at the tile where you are standing. But given that they change their positions for a while, it won’t be too long before it reaches you. Just walk around them (the electricity, not the shockers) and kill the shockers so that they don’t Shock ™ you.

Yup, he slowly zapped me while I was buried in zombie corpses, trying to defend my police station. But it seems that even when shielded, you still need higher dex, I overestimated wheel’s shielding capabilities, made a character with 4 dex, and got killed by ONE zombie, while trying to parry its blows :smiley:

I killed an NPC because he wouldn’t teach me tiger style and he dropped some Grack Cocaine. I now have 3 artifacts, one from a mine and 2 from a temple. I’ve got the start of a base, 50 or so MREs and I’ve read every book there is in the game. All of this in the span of an hour and a half and I still have three grack cocaine left.

Cheater :stuck_out_tongue:

find out about it at 2 am

play for 40 minutes get holled up in a house and kill 18 zombies with no skills and 14 strength and a wrench

have wrench will travel, then die.

Kelly HasFlatChest stole a car today, ran into a gas pump while attempting to pump gas. Shocker came by to say Fuck You. Kelly burned to death in a gas station explosion.

Shockers shockingly suck. One of them, probably the little brother of the Shocker that said Fuck You to dear Kelly, followed Sir Humans McSurvivor, along with dozens of his zombie pals, to his tent and SHOCKED him while he was holed up in the electric death tent of his.

Swamps… swamps everywhere!

As Abbas McSurvivor I started his journey, he encountered many (2) an NPC along his way to the city and asked to all to join him so that he could use them as fodder to distract the zombies while he looted everything keep them safe.

An NPC death and a lot of looting later, he ran around town looking for a vehicle, car, or anything that could help him outrun the 20+ zombies that were determined to nom on his delicious flesh. That search turned out to be useless, since every garage in town was devoid of cars and there were no parking lots.

So he made his way to the another town that was near, losing the small horde along the way. He encountered another cannon fodder survivor! And hence asked the survivor to join him on his quest. The survivor quickly agreed and followed him but unfortunately died because of the new zombies that immediately smelled human flesh, and Abbas had to run for his life as was the plan.

The zombies were getting too close for comfort, however, and even managed to hit Abbas a few times. But as hope was diminishing for our dear survivor, he saw… a bicycle! He immediately jumped on it and start cycling fast and hard to get away from the horde near him.

He thought “Hey look! That zombie is so fast that its walking is faster than me! Hey wait, they all are faster than me!” and that was his last thought as he was eaten alive by the zombies while he was getting away with a bicycle. A slow bicycle. A very slow one.

I died before 10AM the first day. I tried to disarm a shotgun trap with some wolves around. The wolves bit me, but only the trap killed me.