What was your epicest moment in the game?

Since we had forum posts to describe your adventure, i wanted a forum post to show off.
So show off your greatest moment you had in you apocalypse!
this is mine

the next day as i ate my tasty fetus…

and even more luck!

I don’t do epicest and neither should you.

I dont have epic moments, but I have a fail for you fellas.
I was trying to break into a military outpost. Easy job for people whose passed day 3 and live in a bloody mansion full of weapons and vehicles. Almost impossible for begineers.
Using an EMP grenade the first npc gave me to kill her mother and a flatbed truck. I managed to destroy all the sentries and zombies. With over 100 pain and having 0 hitpoints left in my left arm and legs, I went inside. JUST TO FIND THERE WAS NOTHING
Nothing, only counters…
But… now I have a military outpost for me near a river, a forest and a town past the forest. But I dont have food or way to clean water…

wow reservoir, that is pretty unlucky. Easy way to take over an outpost is just to finda Savage 111F and some ammo. Even winchester will do. kite the soldier zombies out during the day and kill them via normal means (traps, handgun etc, just don’t waste your precious, precious .308 rounds.)

then at night, move up to turrets and blast them with a rifle from outside their range. with the Savage 111F you can probably oneshot them. You’ll need night vision, though-- and finding a pair of boltcutters can be a chore in itself if your local hardware store doesn’t have one (and it probably won’t lol. how the hell do those soldier zeds get out of the chainlink fence without tearing it down anyway? Fuzzy logic?)

As for my own epic moments… I finally found a semi with half a tank of gas. What’s more, a semi that can pull a handbrake turn. Hundreds of dead, three partially demolished buildings and it still isn’t even scuffed.

It’s a hundred and six miles to the shelter, we got half a tank of gas, a full pack of cigarettes, it’s dark and I’m wearing sunglasses.
It’s that kind of feel.

I wish I kept better track of my epic moments. Hmm… how about this?

Just starting out, I realized from experience with some of my previous characters that my evac shetler was in far too dangerous of a place, surrounded by two cities and several swamps as it was, so I decided to try to escape. After wandering the roads, I ended up at a landlocked sewage treatment plant - it was basically bridges leading over water into a parking lot with a plant attached, nothing else. On that parking lot, a quad bike.

I jumped on that quad bike only to discover that my grace period was over and the nasty spawns had started. Giant mutant mosquitos and slugs were everywhere on the bridge. So, naturally, I revved up my quad bike and plowed through them. I swerved dangerously close to the side of the bridge several times but, miraculously, I survived several such encounters on the bridge leading over the water and made it to the forest on the other side of the river, where I holed up in an old mining camp.

I was in bad shape, I had next to no skills or equipment because I used the grace period fleeing instead of foraging from the nearby city. I was now close to starving thanks to subjecting myself to food poisoning just to satisfy my thirst, but had managed to stay “very hungry” despite throwing up thanks to helpful packs of cougars and wolves trying to kill me and getting butchered for their efforts. However, I was now out of food and it was the middle of the night. While foraging for something - anything! - to eat in pitch black darkness, I eventually managed to blunder into a house in that had the necessary implements to boil water.

It was touch and go for awhile, but I managed to survive for a few more days, recovering my quad bike from a nearby road where it ran out of fuel and boarding up a few windows in the building with the beds in the mining complex. Things were looking up, though… right up until I woke up one day with ~35 hitpoints on my head, no medical supplies, and a pack of wolves bit off what was left of my head while I fought them off at the front door to the aforementioned bed building.

Oh, and to add to the epic, this character was schizophrenic, so was periodically plagued with hallucinations. A large part of why his hitpoints ended up so low was because he was clawing at himself.

I started out with 6 throwing skill.

Pure awesomeness ensured.

I managed to kill an entire pack of wolves with headshot rocks.

I then CRIT a hulk and kill him.

Quite a few versions back, well before DDA. Before even vehicles.

I was sleeping in my safehouse, 3 days in then suddenly I’m woken up by an explosion. I check it out and see my bathroom is on fire. So I spring into action collecting all my most valuable items and dumping them into the street then running back inside to get more.

By my third trip out I run into a hulk at point blank range in the dark. Seems the explosion drew some attention. I manage to blow it away in a single shot with my shotgun. But naturally that called more. So I grab all the ammo I can carry, some batteries, and my hatchet, and go back into my burning safehouse and prepare to hold the line at the window. Roaring flames in the room behind me.

The fight lasted until daylight, and the lightningstorm had turned to drizzle. Mountains of corpses outside the window, and I had parts dangerously low, but I had survived. The housefire didn’t manage to take the whole house. The front hallway I was fighting from was spared, as well as most of the kitchen. Most of my stash survived too, almost all of it was damaged, but still perfectly functional. I moved into the house next door and lived for another 2 days before death.

I decided to drive through a town to get back to my home.

This was wrong.

It seemed like a great idea. It was a straight shot, I hadn’t explored it much so I hoped the zombie spawns would be low, and the car was in great condition. So, I hit the gas, open this up on youtube, and I go.

The swarm hit about halfway through. For a while, it was fine. I have driving 3, so I was doing okay at keeping control. Then, on one horrible turn, a boomer steps into the passenger seat, and blows up all over me. Vision range 1 square, current speed 150 mph. This is… less than desirable. For the next few turns, all I can do is hope I don’t ram one of the upcoming houses, and watch the “you hear a thump from the north” messages scroll by as I plow through zombies and landscape alike. I cross my fingers, because that’s all I can do.

And then the message. “You lose control of the car”. Of bloody course I do.

When my vision clears, I find myself inexplicably still alive. I slam on the breaks, and look back at the damage, because I KNOW I was pointed at a building. And so I was. The house I had aimed at is behind me, missing a few pieces. Specifically, it is missing the front window, the fridge, and the back window.

That’s right, in my blind state and out of control car, I managed to ram through the LEAST damaging parts of the suburban home, and come out almost entirely unscathed. I stared in disbelief, before remembering that the hoard was still after me, and then replayed that video again and spun off into the sunset, and safety.

Laying siege to a town for three days straight to eradicate all the zombies, or driving into the middle of the forest towards a fungal spire, tossing a molotov into the fungus patch, and killing countless spore and fungal creatures. And living to tell the tale.

Crashing a school bus in the middle of town with static spawn on just to get a picture of how much of a problem clearing a town out would be.

For me it was whilst venturing into a town and forgetting about that static-spawn was still on. Cue a hundred zombies following me around after just ten minutes. Quickly ran into a bar and smashed up a few tables to burn the bar down with a cheap lighter I found earlier, and hopefully killing all of the zombies that were following me in the process while escaping from the back door.

The plan was mostly successful, except as I was running towards the back door, it was torn down revealing a Hulk behind it. Damn. The entire front of the bar was now filled with zombies crawling through the windows and the only other way out was blocked by a Hulk. Doing the manly thing and luring the Hulk to the fire where we engaged in a fist fight to the death in the fire.

My legs were torn off and my right arm was too, leaving me to battle the like-wise injured enemy with one hand. The other zombies were fast approaching, either way I would die because of the approaching horde, or of this undead powerhouse! Fortunately, the fire burning around the towering muscle mountain proved to be a very good advantage for me and with a super powerful hit of 2 damage coupled with the burns the Hulk suffered from the fire, the once undead muscle-man fell before me. Dead. Yay!

Except its pals caught up and started punching me. The entire bar was burning by the time I died, which was two turns later. I like to think the zombies died later in the fire too, although I didn’t see them dying…

I am posting to watch the beautiful.

On my second try at victory around 2 months ago, i walked out of the evac shelter carrying a trenchcoat and a messenger bag, ready to find a gun and a ski mask and rob some banks! I went to the nearest gun store and found a lousy glock, with around 3 clips of ammo. Walking outside and meeting a huge horde of zeds, i ran. Upon finding a regular old car sitting in a parking lot not far from town, i got in, pulled out that pistol and reloaded. I was gonna kill that horde. I got some distance from the town so i could get a good speed going, although being new i didn’t know my immediate disadvantages.

Going 100 miles per hour, running down huge amounts of zeds, swerving around the road awkwardly, I cursed myself for not realizing the road ended in the middle of town. Something blew the tires out, causing me to lose control. All i saw was a wall coming towards me very, very fast. I tore through the wall, right into a grocery store, crushing a zombie under my wheels, ripping through metal display cases, i hit the back wall and flew out with such force it took my health down to critical. Thunder shook the ground as I realized i had no chance of escaping, the 10 fast zombies, the 3 hulks and the swarm of Z’s coming towards me, crawling through the wreckage of the store, i pulled out my pistol and started firing. It didn’t take long for my life to end, but i was happy with the end result. 60 zombies dead on day 1. I am yet to beat my high score.