What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


Since apparently threads now lock at 10k replies judging from the other one shutting down, I figured I’d go ahead and remake it so the joy can continue. You know what to do folks.


Let’s see how long it takes to fill this up.


been a while since i last played, but from my last session, i turned off everything cataclysmic about cataclysm

so now it’s just “raid-empty-houses-and-watch-out-for-animals” simulator


Testing out a modded profession, but I basically started a camp site unaware that a giant web spider was only slightly to the north. It terrorized my campsite for about a day when I found a functional mobile meth lab (only slightly to the south of my camp site) that I used to run over the GWS and totaled in the forest. Now I’m currently using it as a shelter.


Being a caveman in a world with almost no cities. Living entirely off of things in the wild and not looting bodies/towns/shacks/labs .etc


Well considering the other one went on for nearly 5 years I’d say a while.


I mainly meant how long it would take to fill up the (10,000 or 100,000) limit. But that would probably be accurate.


Michael Kincaid has been scouring the wilds, hoping to find a dairy farm so he can bring home a reliable source of calcium other than growing rhubarb.

Last session, he decided to hop in his rowboat and head down the river to the west as far as he could. things went pretty well on the way out. About midday, he hit a second bridge and decided not to drag his boat around it, but rather head back. There was a working pickup on the bridge, which was fascinating, but he doesn’t know how to drive, and there was no way to get it home through all the forest and swamp anyway, so he left that.

Things went south on the return trip, when a jawed terror burst out of the water next to him! Panicking, he pulled the shotgun off his back and fired SIX of his eight precious rounds into that monster before it finally died.

Afterward, he stopped his bleeding, but was horribly injured. His boat was badly damaged, too, and could no longer carry him. He hopped into the water and pushed it to shore and dragged it halfway back, only to spend the night in an empty cabin, cooking fish on a pointy stick in the fireplace and trying to repair his shredded clothing. :face_with_head_bandage:
Be careful on the water, folks.


My character has realized his dream of being a super powerful chimeric mutant…and is currently working on a way to bypass his diet restrictions while still retaining that sweet power.


Walked into a basement. It was actually a pit of magma with no feasible escape.


Hate it when that happens. I seriously don’t even get why that’s in the game.


It’s only a bit annoying considering I wasn’t heavily invested in the character, I was only looking for a backpack somewhere. Assuming it’s not a bug or something it could probably be modded out later.


It does warn the player.Logically, we should be able to peek down the stairs.


expiremental 3d vision
in the options


Really? That’s cool! Can we see the bellowing magma down there?


Probably. I haven’t actually ever tried it though, I just know it’s there and what it does.


The main issue at least when I used was that zombies could climb through some ceilings and somehow scale building to get you.


Odis Gray was once a mall cop, he took himself way to seriously but it paid off when all his training and survival skills helped him survive the first few weeks. He sheltered in the movie theater with the cute chick from concessions. It was a long day of fighting but he managed to clear enough of his corner of the mall to rest safely and start stock piling tools and supplies. It took several weeks but he was able to clear the mall and establish the concession stand as a secure place to craft and sleep. One vehicle stood out in the parking lot, a mostly working semi. Not far down the road was an APC, plans for a deathmobile started to solidify. A couple days later and Odis and his 3 new friends got the semi running and took a drive around. To the north was a vault town, he quickly decided to avoid that hellhole and headed east down the only other road around. The trip provided plenty of gear as they stripped dead soldiers and the scientists with them for loot and armor, and took about a week before he found the next town. The Town of Winn was kind of small but looked worthy of looting. The first drive by it was rife with terror, they passed a couple public works buildings and a horde of Shocker Zombies chased them only to pass by a regional school and rile up the thousand or so zombie kids. After the brief drive by to scout the town they headed back, cutting over the country side to shorten the trip, it only took about 3 days with out the looting and the with the short cut. Once back to the mall Odis and friends, including a new one they found on the scouting mission, began work on stripping the nearby APC and adding it to the semi. Many sleepless nights were had sucking down caffeine and welding. But a couple weeks later the beast was done. Dubbed the SemiMortal the group loaded up as many supplies as they could and headed to Winn with the goal of taking over one of the public works buildings. By this time he and his group where well equipped with basic armor and spears, though Odis took a liking to an ice axe he found in the mall’s sporting goods store. Even well equipped the shockers gave them a hell of a time. The trudge of scavenging and crafting and preserving continued throughout the rest of spring. Eventually SemiMortal was finished besides an extra motor, completely plated in Mil Comp except the doors which where spiked, Odis insisted, his logic was that to many apocalypse movies showed raiders jumping onto a vehicles doors and trying to get control, spikes he reasoned prevented this. The problem now was what to do. Looting ad infinitum would be pointless but they didn’t have a secure enough base to restart society.


Yea. I ignored the warning. Something along the line of thinking “If it’s on fire or something I’ll just come back up.”

What I’d like to know is if it’s like a hole to the center of the earth or if the magma is somehow directly below the house. Neither makes much sense.


My newest character is a Wilderness start, Survivalist profession guy who is meant to be a sort of DIY survivalist relying little, if at all, on modern technology from the city. It’s been an interesting start - he’s been pretty much forced to stay on the move since there was only one small (yet heavily guarded) village and a field campsite that could have made for suitable bases. So he walked along a highway to the south and east, which had a few nice farmhouses and such, but also a lot of fungaloids that kept infesting everything. I’m not yet sure how powerful fungaloids are, but I’ve heard their infections are deadly, so I’ve avoided them so far just in case. It took a while to get away from the fungaloids, and they’re still a few hours’ walking distance to the south or so (how would I know, I haven’t found a watch or a phone yet…) - so I’m just hoping they won’t spread to me from outside the reality bubble. I have a nice temporary base right now, namely a half-collapsed cabin whose walls I still need to repair (but at least I’ve found a hatchet and a shovel now), with a mi-go just south of the cabin (not within sight if I’m standing near the door, but I can’t go directly south of the cabin). I’ve been trying to train archery up from zero skill and I’m almost at level 2 already - the critters on the field are pretty good for this. Archery is silent, but so far it seems pretty weak, so I’m only hoping that with higher skill and a weapon better than a shortbow, it’ll be competitive.

I definitely am happy to have discovered (large) sealed stomachs. It’s nice to have some big, non-rigid, watertight, sealable containers. Unfortunately navigating the landscape is very risky. There are mi-gos and spiders in every nearby forest, giant wasps and zombie scientists just wandering around on the plains, and so on. I’ll probably explore to the north eventually (the road goes on that way) once I’m feeling comfortable enough (there is fungus everywhere to the south).