What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


Rolled a character with the Maid background.
There were pigeons in the house where I spawned.
I chased them around with a teapot to learn how to fight.


Pigeons taught you how to fight.
Please become a Bird Mutant.


I don’t recal Samus being a maid for her previous occupation.


I just finished my 1st “Deathmobile”.

It’s, basically, a 10-ton mobile fortress with armor on all sides. Only the driver can see the outside through a screen connected to the cameras outside. The huge roller on its front makes more than half its weight. I actually made a multi-layer Mine field and drove the X-01 over it to see how well it’ll handle it. The roller easily tanked all of the damage, and I handled all the repairs with the Welding Rig inside the X-01.


Prepare to be disappointed by the cameras. As long as you can see them they can see you. Unless they patched it.


I think I’ve been doing Deathmobiles wrong. I’ve just been editing vehicles I like. Didn’t know I was supposed to do shit like that…

What the hell powers that, anyway?


At 10 tons, a V6 is sufficient for 70+ kph.

I usually build my deathmobile off an APC or Security Van chassis, and those hit 60 mph with a V6.

That’s a cool monster, but I like narrower vehicles to make maneuvering through cities easier. I’ve also stopped putting kitchens, chem labs, and forges in my vehicles: there’s nothing a RV kitchen does that you can’t do with a UPS powered hot plate, a UPS charger, and a frying pan; and I need to forge stuff so infrequently that an electric forge or just stopping and setting up a rock forge is sufficient.


Yeah, I’m starting to lean towards just UPS’ing stuff for the deathmobile. It is morMy e space efficient and whatnot.

My deathmobile is a stretched ambulance with four axles just because I could. :slight_smile:


The Cameras are not there to stop the enemies from knowing where I am. They’re there to let me know where to go 'cause I’m surrounded by several tons of armor. X-01 is not about stealth - it’s about tanking all the damage ever while its turrets take care of the enemies. XD Unfortunatelly, the turrets I tried using on it ranged from disappointing to inconsistent.

Actually, most people do the Deathmobiles by modifying the vehicles they like (just like you). Heck, my “regular” vehicle is just an I4 Car with Cargo Space instead of the Trunks and back Seats. I just felt like trying to build my own vehicle from scratch. It’s powered by a single V12 Petrol engine (which I yanked out of the remains of a Sports Car).

True, a recharging station is sufficient for most everyday needs. I just wanted to make a (nearly-)inpenetrable mobile base with everything one could fit inside. Heck, the 3 Tables in the middle are mostly there for decoration (and kinda RP, as each Table has a plate, a glass and eating utensils in it). It also has 3 Seats and 3 beds, despite the fact that there are no NPCs in the game-world.

I just found 2 Mark 19 Grenade Launchers, so I’ll probably add 1 to X-01 as well. A belt-fed, rapid-fire, 80-round grenade launcher sounds OP. I’ll probably also make a much smaller and more streamlined mini-tank, just for the heck of it. XD


Man that is awesome I had a golf cart going with a mobile welder and some small cargo space. Then I died. I’m thinking about trying a wilderness start next.


Actually would a zombie just ignore a giant hulking moving vehicle if it made no noise and it couldn’t see the driver?


Interesting question. Do zombies have scent vision? If so, they could probably “smell” you inside the vehicle. Still, I don’t think it’s possible to make a vehicle which makes no noise (without mods). Even the electric engines make some noise, even if it is a lot less than the noise produced by petroleum, diesel and plasma engines.

I’ve been exploring a Lab which ended with a Portal/Resonance-Cascade finale. I activated the Portal and released all “specimens” from their containment units. A Hunting Horror and a Flying Polyp decided to repay me for freeing them by trying to kill me. My character killed the Hunting Horror (a 2-meter-long worm with bat-like wings) with 2 swings of his (Diamond) Katana. After seeing that, the Flying Polyp did an about-face and ran away in fear.
In short, my 100% human (no cybernetics nor mutations) survivor made an eldritch abomination flee in terror. XD


Harrison is futilely searching every house and grocery store he can find for eggs so he can continue to brew bird mutagen. He would be searching the underbrush for nests but it is the middle of winter, which means he can’t get more datura either.

On a different note - if you could get a boat to go under bridges I’d be having a deathboat on this map. It is almost like I’m in a river delta with all the meandering waterways and islands.


You should forage in spring, there is plenty of eggs in the wild.


That is my plan Sneaky_Potato. I just have to get to spring first.


My survival level 0 character just butchered out a probability travel bionic.




In what world


My super mutant unfortunately gained Solar Sensitivity, so I’ve been forced to switch out my rapier+Fencing for an umbrella+Eskrima. I then did 111 damage to a shocker brute with said umbrella. I am simultaneously amazed and confused.


That’s what happen when you pierce someone with an umbrella and then open it inside victim’s body. Splash!


Does the game have a weaponized umbrella? Seems like a decent level of crafting should be able to make a sturdy umbrella with a sharp spear tip.


Duct tape plus spike plus umbrella.