What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


And some sort of armored fabric to use said umbrella as shield and extra strong mechanisms to explosively open it, killing pierced enemy instantly…


And there is apparently a real form of combat umbrella, but that looks like it should be findable not craftable. Might think about working something up, it would be good for rainy weather and for albino characters.


We should have this Bad Boy


I was thinking something more realistic, but there have been real examples of umbrellas with guns built into them.


IRL bulgarians invented one, i can’t remembre who, but it was made for "public political assasinations "


But you have run like hell immediately afterwards.


Duct tape + superalloy + unbreakable umbrella + metal sawing 3 tool


Wait is there a real combat umbrella in game or are you guys spit balling?


There’s a real combat umbrella in reality. I’m trying to spitball some nice combat umbrellas for the game. Seems like a skilled survivor would be able to make something that works as an umbrella but can also be used a decent weapon for when you’re caught holding an umbrella when zombies attack.

Looks like the non telescoping version is already considered a stabbing weapon. Not a very good one but I wouldn’t expect it to be. They do tend to have pointy tips but not very sharp. I might when I have a chance start with Umbrella + rock takes a half an hour to make a sharpened umbrella adding an extra two points of stabbing damage to the standard umbrella.


Practically speaking, Tuareg robe + spear is better than a multi-functional spearbrella.


I managed to find a working military humvee with ammo and all working parts.



You also appear to be no longer a potato nor sneaky.


if you look closer its a perfect potato. Im trying right naow to make it “sneakier”.


i think i give up, i suck at drawing n’ stuff…


Currently running around with a fairly late game survivor, pretty heavily cybered, who fights with a rapier/fencing. Can pretty much walk up to a Hulk at this point and dice them into shishkebob without too much concern.

Mostly driving around, casually looting high value targets in towns I pass through, and looking for rare facilities such as labs, bunkers or sarcophagi, as I’m still missing a key manual I need before I can really dig into mutations (unless I want to be a mollusk… :P)


You look more like one punch egg.


Mutagen is a double edged sword…


It’s semi viable if you have fencing. I’ve used one in a pinch against a shocker brute, because it doesn’t conduct electricity, and I dropped him after a bit. Slower than I’d have liked, but it wasn’t so bad. Without fencing it’s probably not worth it if you have anything else at hand.


Just managed to get my first post-threshold character. She’s a spider mutant and it was rather annoying to set her up. She kept getting Carnivore, which I always purified away because I was uncomfortable with just giving up on most of my food stocks. She also kept getting Web Spinner which is so very annoying by itself. But then, at one point, I decided to just keep drinking mutagen after getting that trait and the next trait was Web Weaver. So that’s where she is now - with Road Runner (upgrading her natural Fleet-Footed) and Web Weaver, plus some less important stuff (Very Beautiful, for example, and something about furred chitin or whatever), I’ve decided not to touch her mutations anymore, since she’s now very fast and a great escape artist with no real drawbacks.

Would a carnivore character still have the same vitamin requirements as a normal one, I wonder? I tend to have problems with vitamin C and Calcium, and a carnivore diet would have an even harder time getting those, I imagine. (I mean, I still tend to find a bunch of multivitamins anyway, so it’s rarely a problem in the sense that I start getting scurvy, it’s just those are the vitamin deficiences I’m alerted of.)


Are bones not carnivore compliant.