What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


My current survivor started as an elementary schooler in the school scenario. After nearly dying trying to get away from the school she holed up in a cabin some distance away from the school. Miraculously, none of the bites were potentially infected, and she managed to get lucky with warm clothing in the cabin. After a few days spent learning by experience, in which she managed to make a crossbow (she has 4 strength, melee is not in the cards) she made her first midnight foray into town for some supplies. Things are currently survivable, but supplies are limited at the moment. She’s slowly working her way up to success, but her rather limited strength is a big limiter on how much she can do at a time.


I’m starting to think there is a poltergeist in my deathmobile. Atleast twice recently I have been unable to find a tool or item that I know I had.

Realistically I know I must have dropped them into an already full tile but still… grrrrrr


Let see…

  • Facetanked another tank drone
  • Found a terrible, 2 floor lab with a portal finale
  • Built a control laptop
  • Delved into rat mutations
  • Started to build an epic stationary base for my ascendancy to godhood
  • Planned upgrades to my deathmobile to mobile base


Walegrin: Try the advanced inventory management. Press ‘a’ to set it to all surrounding tiles, then put the name of what you’re looking for into the search filter. It makes finding stuff in a cluttered deathmobile SO much easier when you can see it in any of 9 tiles at a time.

Beyond that, I’ve had to learn to always use V to check for nearby items on the ground before I drive away from anywhere.


Mantar - I did check with advanced inventory. Alas now I must search gun stores again for a gunsmith kit.


Oh, that sucks. Those are a pain to find, too.


an NPC spawned and walked up to me and asked if i wanted a mission, their mom was a zombie and i needed to kill it for them. i said sure, and it was only a few houses away. well i kill the zombie they wanted and head back to them and lo, they were fighting a zombie hulk bare handed. i ran to try and help but it was too late, the hulk flung them into a wall and they died. and i got a mission failed. to that hulk i killed it, then pulped, butchered, and then set the remains on fire.


Explored my first shipwreck, new terrain nd features are always cool.

After slaying all the razorbacks I’ve moved to continue my current quest to find labs to explore, and pillage.


Harrison Wade is in the midst of setting up a chemical lab that would make Walter White jealous. There are tanks of stuff everywhere as he preps to start cooking tailored mutagens.

On a side note - do swamps still have salt water? My admittedly brief looking around didn’t find any.


They do be sure to check every pond.


So I finally went reactor diving after fixing up PK’s Rebalancing. I took a fuck ton of RADs, but I lived through it just fine. Only had one mutation go off on me, and it wasn’t too bad.

I also took up farming for the first time in Cataclysm. So that’s happening.


Thanks DeWolf. I’ll be more thorough next time I check.


My previous character died, sadly. He was trying to scavenge in another town but had to camp out for the night. He actually survived several close calls - a feral predator, which he would in no way have been able to handle, except that the predator was somehow already at “nearly dead” when he met it, so he barely survived. His overconfidence was his downfall, trying to scavenge just a bit more during the night, but a large horde of powerful zombies were roving around and as he ran back to the car and tried to start it up, a fat zombie got stuck in there and the car failed to accelerate, so he had to abandon the vehicle, which was then bashed apart. Even then, he actually ended up surviving the night, and found a new vehicle (a police car) next day that looked like it might last long enough to drive back to the base, but while transporting loot from the wrecked car into the police car, he was surrounded by a loose throng of zombie hulks, smokers and feral hunters, plus crucially, a screaming zombie that drew everyone into the area. He couldn’t escape them and died.

My new character is a lady who’s building a base in a FEMA camp’s concrete bunker. So far, the most interesting moments were finding two artifacts. One was functionally a flashlight that also had the side effect of attracting netherworldly attention. She ditched that one. Later, she found a ‘fractal lamp’ that can create explosions from a decent range, which is really powerful (and it has 4 charges), but unfortunately, it has the tendency of driving her slowly insane while holding it. She often falls asleep while holding the lamp and once, I was told “YOU SHOULD QUIT THE GAME IMMEDIATELY.” Freaky.


Looking for input here - Would it be worth going a bit down the fish mutation path before I dive headlong into Alpha? Increased night vision and a few other fishy mutations look attractive to me right about now.


Eh, fish isnt a path with particularly harmful drawbacks, but also there isnt a whole lot of useful mutations either. There isnt a whole lot to do in water, and the instances where water breathing and increased swim speed arent large in number (though it does mean easily being able to find somewhere zombies cant see you. Ive taken plenty of naps at the bottom of a river.)


After a break from Cataclysm DDA, I’m back but I’ve given up on Ronson the firefighter. Now I’m trying two different characters:

Cheryl was a survivalist who was camping in the woods when everything fell apart. After a couple of days of scavenging and preparing around her campsite, she walked through the forest and found a working solar car and a mansion. She immediately relocated and started raiding the local tiny town, and later crossed a bridge and found a second solar car (in better condition!) and a mostly functional APC next to a dairy farm near a major city.

After another move, she’s been drinking milk and making cheese while raiding the city. Her second most recent raid got cut short when she triggered an alarm, got spotted by an eyebot while breaking into another house, and had to disengage from four riot bots by kiting them through some zombies. She came back today with her rifle and used up all her ammo to kill them, which worked fine, but apparently popping off 20 rounds of .308 in the middle of the city alerts the 20 overmap tiles worth of wandering hordes nearby. Two burnt buildings and an unfortunate encounter with a shocker and a spiiter later, she broke contact and returned home. Cheryl is mostly doing fine, but she’s running low on batteries and doesn’t know how to make a vehicular welding rig, so she can’t fix the APC up the way she’d like.

Danny Vc is the 5th iteration of a shotgun hunter starting in the wilderness. The first 8 Dannys died horribly, most memorably when one of them spawned in a swamp shack about 15 squares away from a T-Rex. Very atypically for me, Danny has almost no useful skills: no Cooking, no Tailoring, no Mechanics, and no Fabrication. He’s had a miserably couple of weeks, running from everything and getting beaten up by coyotes.

He finally managed to clear a tiny hamlet of 4 houses enough to be able to scrounge together a working RV and drive back to his starting campsite. He arrived just in time to see the starting NPC get killed by zombies. No loss: the bastard tried to get poor Danny to hunt a jabberwocky, but Danny wasn’t interested.

Danny is resting up for the night on the edge of a new town that will hopefully contain the tools he needs to survive and get useful levels of skills.


nick0010 - I was looking at fish as a way to get high night vision, indefatigable, and quick.

I’m not interested in the whole Innsmouth look. :slight_smile:


I was clearing out the ant queen chamber of an ant hill when I had the ingenious idea to trap the ant queen in a bear trap so that I could collect her eggs like a hen. I ran out, crafted a bear trap, and ran back in, but it turned out in the time I let her out of my sight the ant queen had killed herself on a blade trap I set up earlier to deal with the soldiers. Oh well. I’m sitting on close to 300 soldier corpses and I’ve got a cargo dimension to fill.


Just finished recovering from mutagen addiction. Serves me right for chugging all of that stuff and chasing it with purifiers all day.

Harrison is currently cruising the roads looking for another generator to replace the one he foolishly took off of the Meatwagon. He is also searching for the perfect vehicle to craft into a replacement for the venerable REO Meatwagon.


Cheryl has discovered two changes in the world since I last played DDA: crossbows are rifles, which means she can train her Rifle skill with a silent weapon and stupid cheap but effective steel bolts (instead of rare .22 rounds), and at Electronics 3, you can draft a mod for your makeshift welder that let’s it run off car batteries, which can be swapped in and out a vehicle for solar recharging. She’s almost finished rebuilding her APC which will be used to teach some hulks and zombie masters a lesson. Incidentally, survivor armor, fencing, and a broadsword are all pretty nice.

My other survivor died to a brute in a small room on a night raid. So sad, Danny.

His cousin Martin is a tourist in the missed scenario. Martin started the game in one of the glass and wood cabins with a strong zombie 12 tiles away. He barely had time to say hi to the NPC before fleeing. Darting north through the house, he grabbed a katana and some glass bottles before running off to the woods chased by zombies.

Martin stayed in woods all day, then swung back around to one of the new, 4 tile, 4 level plus basement firehouses. Those things are just amazing. After clearing it out, he’s been slowly fortifying it and raising the local city. He went back to the starting house after 6 days and surprisingly, the NPC wasn’t dead.