What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


Started a new Character and now on day five, and I gotta say, It’s been calm


You have just doomed yourself by typing that…


Why is that? Is it like some curse?


but let me explain. On day two, due to lack of food and water. I made a trip to the nearby town. Turns out, a Survivor corpse was there, along with a trail of zombies and a brute


To some people yes it can be. It’s kind of like inviting Murphy’s Law to rear its ugly head.


I just came face to face with a brute


I’m almost through spring, 25 day seasons, and I have yet to see either a sewing or tailors kit, and any electronics book… Grrrrr


Where is your character currently at?


Electronics of 2. Survivor head torch or concentrated acid are currently my two options for skill gain. And both will chip away at my battery stash that the makeshift welder is going to need.


New game lots of hoards:


Well Archie’s two day trek through the surrounding countryside paid off. In an isolated mansion he found a huge library that had so many books that he had never read. Hopefully some of the answers to his problems will be within their pages.

Seriously, I took a half days walk to a small town that I combed through. Them ‘borrowed’ a car to check out some blank spots on the map. That mansion had the largest library I’ve seen in a long time.


Try to build a second one and see if you can’t make a vehicle welding rig out of them. It’s a great solution for a battery-starved survivor. Car batteries hold a lot more charges and you can fill 'em up off gasoline or diesel.


Couldn’t build a welding rig at the time. :frowning: The situation Is better now but I knew that if I could get to a point where battery compartment mod was craftable that I’d be good.


Eh. May not be an option.

Also, what’s this? Why can’t I make it even shorter?


Just found a pick up truck with a six pack of beer in the front seat! I actually laughed,


Over I discovered how to make batteries from vinegar, and vinegar from fruit, batteries stopped being a problem. Requires cooking, which is easy to level, and electronics, which is more of a pain.


Nothing like finding the ID card you accidentally dropped about a season ago… :slight_smile:


/ear raping music plays/



Is it supposed to be you punching a Punching bag?


Yup. But the punching bag could not withstand a single blow.