What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


Ah, that explains the rags on the floor…


Eh. Wake up, Neo, the matrix needs a reboot.



Dagnabbit. He’s supposed to have a line there.

Bug found, fix submitted.


I’m going to sleep, he said… See you in the morning, he said…



what’s going on there @Rose ? Can’t tell from the image.


Well, that dude had returned from a camp job and has just immideately fallen asleep after that. I was like ‘nothing can go wrong’ and departed to sleep in my car.
Guess what I saw in the morning.


Found some military-grade ants in a bunker. What luck!


So this is the map I started with, after messing with a new world to make one with city-size 1 and spacing 1. I’ve been playing for a while (first post) and I’ve never seen anything like this, and I’ve generated 50+ worlds for the sake of having fun with the world generator.




Spooky !


Just pillaged a lab and a national guard depot I found while driving my tank, which I have dubbed the Z-1 Abrams. Finally filled up all my storage, and its time to put down roots. I’ve got three suits of basic power armor (no helmets though), two suits of RM13 combat armor, and shitloads of guns and ammo. Going to locate some friendly survivors and set up a base. Eventually plan to purge the surrounding wasteland of dangerous lifeforms Brotherhood of Steel style, build an underground bunker city, and connect the nearby cities by burning down paths through the forests.


Hulks and juggernauts will punch their way through other zombies to get to you.



Debating how much of the commune missions to do. I haven’t been hoarding the needed items this time so it could be quite tedious.


New world, got out, wandering the countryside looking for a safe place to make home (even just a temporary one)… found an artifact in pile of rubble. Well, these are usually junk…

Insects for pain, recharge for pain. Wow, early game, that is AMAZING! Like WOW, so good.

It’s holds three charges, and I have yet to go through all 3 without getting either bees or wasps, and man, giant wasps annihilate regular zombies. Just wipe them out.

Day 3, cleared a megastore on 5X spawn. That’s how crazy good it is.

Once the nastier zombies start getting more common (particularly the ferals and the shockers), I suspect they will begin to lesser in usefulness quite a lot, but wow, for early game… SO SO SO SO SO good.


I forgot that tank drones don’t illuminate themselves. Stumbled into the one I was hunting at point blank range…… I got it but standing that close to it hurt! or was it the blast from the LAW?

Too bad the drone doesn’t have ammo.


Wandering around with my latest character, Emilia Ponce, who’s the successor to Summer Smalls. Both of them were Infected scenario starts and both spawned in the same massive city area. Summer had gone around for a while collecting things, making a base at an LMOE shelter that was astonishingly close to said big city, only to accidentally get her leg broken from a single shot of a .50 caliber turret that she strayed too near. She put on a splint for it, but eventually she died because she was trying to loot while her leg was still healing.

Emilia took up her mantle, grabbing her stuff almost straight away since she spawned in a house very close to that, and has since been doing tons of looting, using a composite crossbow. Because of reasons she stayed to the west side of the city, and had been looting to the south and around, noticing as things went on that there were a LOT of fungus colonies. It wasn’t until she looted her way through a lab (that didn’t seem to have a lab finale basement that she could find for some reason) and managed to get a map of the area that she realized why. Prior to that, due to a combination of primarily night-time travel and just sheer luck she had only seen one Fungal Tower on the map.

Turned out there were actually four of them near the city, the other three all off on the sides she hadn’t explored. So I decided that was enough of that and when I felt I was ready I spent several days turning my cube van into a proto-Deathmobile (thanks integrated toolset from being bionic prepper!), loaded up everything from my base and headed off.

I passed by so much fungus as I drove. I originally headed north, because during some random exploration I’d seen a Survival Holdout (Catacylsm ++ I think) and the first one of those I’d run into was great, so I figured it’d make a nice new base. Sure the second one had actually been full of robots and turrets and had killed me the instant I opened the palisade gate, but surely this one would be fine, right?


Ah, no. Turned out there were zombies. I thought it was just one or two shocker brutes at first. I’d lured one out, managed to kill it after kiting it around trees, and even got CBMs from it. I ducked around the other side of the Holdout and–what’s that? A ZOMBEAR?! It was tearing apart my car!

Fortunately I killed it, more easily than I expected in melee combat because apparently the cheapo plate mail from the mansion I’d looted was better than I thought it was. And my car was fine–it just broke a few windshields. I’d managed to get to it in time to get it out of there. Unfortunately that’s when I ran into the real danger: three zombie necromancers. Plus three more shocker brutes.

I’d never been more scared in this game as I hopped into my car, desperately turning it around all the while getting shocked, watching my head HP go down… 20… 10… 5!

But then I got away. I actually got away.

I’ve just been driving around since. No idea where to go or what to turn into a base because there are strong zombies EVERYWHERE for some reason, and more fungus in most of the directions I’ve gone too. This game is so good I swear.


My survivor Jim Archer has gone low tech. No tech more advanced than a wrist watch. After bicycling around the back roads, hunting and scavenging for supplies and meth (bless those dead junkies), he happened upon what looks to be a fairly large town with a dairy farm on the outskirts.

A day after moving onto the farm, he spotted another survivor off in the swamps a little east of the farm. After a promise to kill off his mother, Jim promptly told him the job was done. This miscreant was so eager to hear his mother was dead, he didn’t bat an eye at the fact they were never out of visual range of each other in the handful of moments since they first spoke.

He asked why he should travel with Jim - I’ll keep you safe, don’t you worry! The simp fell hook, line and sinker, even seemingly eager to help guard the cattle. Jim grinned winningly as he pointed to a shovel this simp will need when mucking out the barn… Those dress shoes of his won’t last a week.

With decent lodgings, food and drink secured, and a simp with a shovel tending to the cattle, Jim spent a day drinking cheap wine and doing meth… Even Jesus took a day off, after all. With there always being SOMETHING that needs to be done, Jim did the only thing someone still feeling the effects of meth should do - he grabbed his axe. We need wood to start making some things and chopping up that simp, while perhaps fun, would mean Jim would have to man the shovel. No thank you!

This where the scene fades to black for now, with Jim, axe in hand, tweaking. Will he make it out to get some timber? Will he cut up his companion for the hell of it? That’s a story for another time.


I found a plastic bottle full of… cola? I mean sure but I have never seen this in game.