What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


A recent character failed to make a disinfectant soaked rag. What the hell? Did he forget to take the cap off the bottle?


He just spilled it like a klutz. Might as well suicide at that point.


He didn’t waste any materials though. He somehow just failed to pour disinfectant onto a rag without dropping the rag or wasting disinfectant.


He may have dropped a bottle. And a rag. And himself.


You’re all looking at it from a ‘glass half empty’ perspective. I prefer to think that he spilled the disinfectant, then somehow caught the loose liquid in the same bottle before it hit the ground.

Your character shouldn’t be mocked, he should be hailed as a dexterous god.


A grenade hack shrapnel cut my panties to shreds, destroying them completely. I guess I’ll have to go commando for now.


Due to how layering works, panties are always the first thing to go.:grin:

(they get replaced by some better close to the skin armor)


Private Kent Hays escaped from his helicopter crash with a handful of nasty injuries, but ever mindful of his mission made his way to the military outpost to the west. The rescue mission was probably impossible, but he had to try.
When he got there, he found the outpost under assault by ants, who were attacking some of the bandits who had seized it.
The bandits were acting strangely - they became hostile upon seeing Pvt Hays, but mostly stood in place raving at him, not firing or anything. If he got too close to one, they would rush him and attack while their companions stood back.
Suddenly the mission looked feasible, as he could pick them off one by one, and move around them to lead ants and other nasties to them. There was a hairy moment with a big gang of C.H.U.D.s bursting out of a cell, but they too got led to the front gates where ants and bandits killed them.
The outpost is mostly secure now, and Private Hays been scouring the site looking for a way to get the captive soldiers out of their cell. An acetylene torch looked handy, but there weren’t any welding goggles to be found, nor any mechanics books on how to make them. Eventually a toolbox with a hacksaw turned up, so that’ll have to do.
Also, the mad, raving bandits seem to have jammed all the furniture they could find into this one little room for some reason:
Weird, right?


The gods of Cataclysm have chosen to smile on my newest character. The NPC in the shelter with me, who eagerly chose to accompany me, was a post threshold alpha with Prime everything. And 5 in unarmed and melee. He’s killing everything. Everything.


The wolf girl I’ve recruited has put my peasent boy in a similar situation. She has claws, muzzle, and insanely strong apex predator. My peasent outfitted her with good armor and metal arm guards and she just goes full “Rip and Tear”


Clearly you guys need to become merchants of the cataclysm, and live out your own versions of Spice and Wolf.


Sadly not even a post threshold Alpha could take a skeletal juggernaut unarmed. It came out of the woods at us, never saw it coming, and I couldn’t break line of sight or run fast enough.


Cornered by a big blob and a brute on day 5. Sadly that survivor was really starting to get things going. :frowning:


Finally got sick of searching for a wrench on Day 27. Luckily, I managed to kill a moose that decided to come into the city, so I had a ton of food to work with. I built an entire metal foundry just so I could forge a wrench, needing to read up to learn the parts I was fuzzy on. After 5 days, I forged a wrench.

Next building I looted had 3 wrenches. And two toolboxes.



I’m convinced there’s quantum fuckery that causes you crafting things you need to send time waves that retroactively create the most necessary tools.


Two days in a row shady zombies have followed me home. Would it kill the NPC to do some housework and mop up the blood? After all I am the one defending the homestead.


Scarlet O’Hare has continued to do odd jobs for the doctor at the refugee center: she’s downloaded some encrypted data from a lab, found a decryption algorithm in a hidden lab, and delved down into deepest level of an ice lab (-97F, her winter survivor suit, thermal suit, swim booties, and layered survivor pants and survivor duster completely failed to hold off the cold). Now he wants her to go urban spelunking some place on the other side of everything.

On the plus side, she’s also found a suit of basic power armor, including the helmet, but no hauling frame yet. And her little survivor camp is slowly improving.



That was sudden.


Context? It sounds like their referencing something about your character


Archie looked with amazement at the beat up APC parked in his back yard. It had taken about two days of work, slipping into town past the things, to get it’s fuel system working. But he and Martin had done it!

She was in sorry shape but she ran, and that was what counted.