What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


I’m nearing mid fall on my first year… This is my first game seriously using a mobile base, prior to this I was usually a foot traveler. Having a great time slowly upgrading and modifying a repurposed ambulance.

Now if only I could get someone to ride shotgun… :frowning:


My deathmobile heading ever eastward hit a big region filled with rivers as far as I could see. Grabbing satelitte maps from a pair of labs, it looked more like islands at the edge of the ocean, with rivers 12 overmap tiles wide in places, strewn about like noodles in a pot. I considered calling it the Atlantic and letting that be the end of this game, but … nah.
I got as far east as I could, then was faced with a couple of days driving back to try a different route, so instead I drove my Luxury RV up into the shallow water at the edge of the beach, built and attached six boat boards, and in a day had converted it into a deathboat! A few fish run over and a day later and I’m back on the road again, now with some boat boards stowed on the back of the vehicle. Eastward ho!

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I admire your audacity.


That sounds beautiful! Could you share some pictures? Did you keep driving east and reach the ocean?!


Well, there’s no “real” ocean since it just keeps generating terrain, but I must admit this started to look like it for a bit.
Let’s see if I can attach pictures here.


I didn’t log my path, but I think I entered from the southwest, found a bridge and drove up to Philips, and realized the island had no way to proceed. Seeing that the island east didn’t look promising, I built my boat boards and attached them at that spot with two forest tiles next to the river on the northwest corner, and sailed to the north island, then proceeded east, then south, then out to that city on the southwest corner. The three vertical white bars up north are where I burned a path through the forest; the yellow @ is where I dropped off two npcs (one a doctor!) in luxury at a cleared out mansion with a neighboring farm. Hope they don’t get killed by the prison zombies, because I couldn’t be bothered to clear that too, lol.


Sun Wave

Here’s my deathmobile/carboat, the Sun Wave. The trunk hung off the back now contains the boat boards, so I don’t have to cut trees and build new ones next time. (Unless zombies smash it, I guess, in which case it’s not THAT big a loss) It’s got three quantum solar panels, a ring of upgraded ones, and some reinforced upgraded ones on the back and sides.


That is cool!

Putting in tanks for the other various liquids, aside from water and fuel, never occurred to me. I am gonna yave to add those soon I think. Thanks for the idea,


Yeah, it really helps ease storage space issues to leave all those gallon jugs behind. I’m probably going to retire the mutagen/purifier tanks and make one of them a vinegar tank instead. Not sure what to put in the other right now.


The Finale Room of the Lab I was in was blocked off by 2 rooms with Turrets. So I decide to break in with my Sonic Resonator, forgetting that it would attract the Security Bots. I retreat, activate my Cloaking System. I have only so much power (roughly 3,000), so I have to make it count. I grab a broken Skitterbot and eat it with my Internal Furnace, fully recharging. My next step is to get behind the reinforced glass where the CBMs are kept and deactivate the Cloaking System. Now comes the part where I let the Security Bots unload their ammo reserves into the glass.

Two of the Security Bots make it into SMG Range; they can’t attack me, but I can hit them. I use my Rivtech 5x50mm SMG to destroy the robots. Because I’m using PK’s Rebalance, they explode into smoke, not a fiery blast. I take this opportunity to deactivate the containment shields, praying I don’t attract more robots. It succeeds, but also leaves a bit gap where the remaining security bots can shoot at me. Getting quite a few bullets doesn’t injure me too severely at first due to my impressive armor (Chimera and Superalloy Plating, Baby!), but my arms are unprotected and there’s no way I’m getting out without them breaking unless I think fast; I grab the only CBM I currently don’t have (an Artificial Night Generator), activate my Cloaking System, and run as fast as I can northward. I pray that I have enough power to get to the stairs without the turret spotting me, and by some stroke of luck I do.

Noble Culver makes it out with yet another CBM to add to his collection. Also yes, that name was randomly generated. Funny, because my character’s kind of a dick. :smiley:


Faucets are needed to get the liquids out, correct?


If you want to drink it directly, yeah, but I never bothered as my drinkables are in the kitchen center’s storage.
You don’t need a faucet for anything you’re not planning to drink straight from the tap. Crafting only requires you to have the tank nearby, and you just have to siphon it with a rubber hose to put some in a container should the need ever arise.


From what i remember they are " Magma Rifts" and were formed after all the bullshit happened so it is some legitimacy in the lore and world.

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Unsure if the ground would support any significant structures directly on top of them in that case but fair enough.

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I just dropped a lit cigarette and burned some of my clothing. This wouldn’t happen if the apocalypse had ashtrays!


The boring side of the cataclysm.

Odis Grey has spent the last week tearing apart every piece of furniture for lumber and parts. 4 houses fit into SemiMortal pretty well… I fear the days I start tearing apart the actual houses them selves…


Currently getting murdered over and over again the the crazy shit that is added in PK’s Rebalancing mod. Might disable it and make the game harder with vanilla options before I use it.


i crated a world thats completely normal, no tweaked zombs (exept added guns, makeshift tools, character, making vitamin needs etc.) and i begin as a parkour master, whit lv 6 doging, and some traits like touch, quick, packmule… and raised strength and IQ
i start at a bookstore, i grab books so i can learn ropes of building barricades and how to cook noodles, i collect some books, position myself so the light comes from a window that has a wall right next so zombies can’t see me… i read and a grabbler attacks! i open the door and take a look at the map… no joke, it has 3 bookstores and 3 librarys, all batween the down and the house area, being in the house area i sprint for a house and had to fight alot of zombies becose i learned zombies are 24/7 on adraline, i get a bite but becose the map has 0 medical places and i have houses (rare change for antibiotics) i start looting… i get attacked by 4 feral zombies and 1 normal, i get 2 broken arms, i need to learn basics so i can build splints but the wound became infected, me blacking out i made 16% on learning first aid in 8h, i try to find meds from other houses but being at 40 speed i take forever, blackout so its more lost time, i died


My current survivor just made it to one year post cataclysm. He hasn’t seen a living soul for months and it out of reading material.


got to floor 3 of an ice lab, which was luckily the bottom and had the finale room, nor sure how much further i could go without something silly like 3 pairs of electric underwear suits or something. and the prize room was guarded by security bots with smgs. luckily i had time dilation from a bio-operator i killed earlier and an awl pike. so i dilated, and stabbed several to death from maximum range with the pike. then left and ate a few crates worth of wood to recharge with my internal furnace, then killed the rest. prize? even more cbms! :smiley:

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Well… uh… I facetanked a tank drone… I win?

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The character I was talking about in my previous post - he had a huge near-death encounter. I went on an exploratory trip half a day’s walk southeast of my base. There, I found a village and a small power substation. Dismantling the buildings of the latter for electronic and plastic components and exploring some of the northern houses was all I did on my first trip, but the second time around, I wanted to take a look at some of the more interesting buildings in the village (liquor store, gun store, hardware store and such). Well, I was strong enough to fight a decent number of normal zombies, but I was eventually swarmed by a horde of acidic, spitter, tough etc. zombies and couldn’t escape back north, so I ran south. I’d have been able to escape easily, except suddenly, a freaking chicken walker sauntered into my view and painted a laser target on me! I had to run back into the village to escape, and the walker actually started shooting me with bullets and grenades. As I was far away, I was only grazed by a few bullets and fortunately, I wasn’t actually hit by any grenades, so I didn’t take too much damage… but I might still have perished, except that the zombie horde was kind enough to get in my way. I was hoping that the chicken walker would start targeting them instead, and fortunately, this worked - the robot started to exterminate the zombies instead while I ducked into a house to recover. After that point, things got less stressful as what was left of the village zombies got bored and dispersed, while after half a day’s wait, I could escape through one of the house’s northwestern windows without being marked for destruction by the chicken walker.

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