What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


Deathfortress, deathwagon, battlewagon or DRV (death recreational vehicle).


I have one “deathmobile” that’s just a crude, wooden caravan type cart tied to the back of a military humvee. It’s surprisingly cozy feeling.


–I’m working on my ROA mod and adding lots of weird (and possibly useless in some cases) gear. There is also plenty of wonky monsters and gear too. I literally have something in the game called bacon undies! Ever wanted to wear your favorite food? Now you can!
–Want a shnazzy, stupidly encumbering afto? Then go make the Afro of Encumbrance!
–Want a super powerful axe that is so heavy it glitches you character out sometimes? All you need is the Giant Axe!


Deathmobiles – I’ve been turning the solar car into the closest thing to it. I square and elongate it, turn some windshields into stow boards and remove others, and load the outside with cargo spaces. The interior is for appliances, turrets, and the like. Once I find a solar car it tends to be a WIP immediately, assuming I have a welder. I tend to only use gas during the early game, though for whatever reason I hoard every precious bit.

This one is about 80% done. I armor and heavy duty only the bullbar in front. This example doesn’t have a welding rig yet, I’m using battery compartment for the stuff that matters, but we’ve gone from 17" tires to 24" wide to armored military tires for all 12 tires. There are 10x or so batteries in the front right cargo space along with every gun.


That started as a bubble car?

I found an Electric Sports Car, which sports twin enhanced electric motors, and have been using that as a scout, replacing the trunk and two back seats with cargo carriers.


Yes it did. I think you can still see some of that in the structure. Most of the structure is unchanged honestly. It’s probably about 4500kg without all of the current cargo weighing it down, though it’s been a while since I unloaded it and organized it completely.

I do love the sports car in all of its variants. The electric sports car engines (enhanced electric motors?) are pretty great but on their own don’t provide as much power as the large electric motor if I’m remembering my last deep dive into json correctly. If I was going to do 2 electric motors in any vehicle, I’d do 2 large electric motors, but that’s just me. Part of me wonders why it doesn’t have solar panels but I haven’t modded the json either, so it must not really matter to me. :smiley:


Last I checked enhanced electric motors are more powerful, but significantly less efficient.


Thanks @darktoes, It looks like you are correct – the enhanced ones provide a 25% power boost for a 50% increase in battery cost and are half as durable, though my json files are about 45 days out of date.

large electric motor
“durability”: 400,
“power”: 400,
“epower”: -40000,

enhanced electric motor
“durability”: 200,
“power”: 500,
“epower”: -60000,


So the two enhanced motors are giving something like 750 power for 100,000 energy?


If I’m reading the total_power function right, 1 engine is 100%, with 2 engines power would scale at 80% (4/5), next engine is 4/6, next engine is 4/7, and so on. ( if (cnt > 1) { pwr = pwr * 4 / (4 + cnt -1); } )

2 enhanced engines together are 80% efficient (power 800) but the epower cost stacks directly (120,000).

edit: it seems wrong that pure electric power (non-hybrid) wouldn’t scale closer to linear given the lack of transmission and the possibility of direct drive now that I think about this


80%, huh? That’s better than I thought. Is that

(1st engine) + (80% of 2nd engine)+…
80% of (1st + 2nd engine)?

If the first, than that works out to 1 power per 133.33 epower for a total of 900 power…


the latter – 80% of both


. . . New Character. Walked out to the road. o_o

I deleted the name of the thing, 'cause I don’t know what counts as spoilers. Anyway, that’s what I get for trying to live more than six minutes.


My favorite part of that is that the 120mm round through the leg did only 18 damage, but then the explosion essentially atomized you.


I had bypassed a grocery store early in the spring season, due to the overwhelmingly large horde camped outside. Weeks later, I return to the area and the horde is absent, so I decide to run in and pick up any non-perishables.

To my surprise and delight, the store has 3-4 baby chicken running around. It makes sense with the changes to rot spawning that have been introduced recently, but it was the first time I’d seen it in a grocery. It was pretty neat.

I’m amused that from now on, grocery stores in C:DDA are going to be chicken incubators. If I had a pet carrier and some table scraps, I could have gotten myself some chicken followers - though how useful that is right now I am not really certain.


its like self moving dinner that can’t rot.


I found a mini reactor inside of a bank vault once


Continued after a long haitus of reading manga and trying out Elona+ (decent rpg roguelike, try it out)

Continued my Boxer (or should I say kick boxer?) character, went to town and WENT TO TOWN on zombies, using the brass knuckles I trained my unarmed to 5 finally allowing me to use all the special attacks for boxing, which is great. STR increased because of stats for skills and training melee and unarmed. PER increased once I trained rifles, pistols, shotguns and marksmanship with books I found in a gunstore. Looted around and ended up raiding two banks. Found a set of combat armor and a suit of basic power armor plus a rare bionic. Sadly the godlike combat armor was nerfed and wasn’t as protective as it used to be, it still is useful for its protection from acid and the environment. Will continue this further, might find an upgrade to my car but since the car is basically pristine that might be a while.


My character and I are both pro-pizza as a food. I managed to find a ranch early in this game, and planted some tomatoes as soon as it was warm and fertilized the heck out of them. Then I took the seeds from that crop and planted them again and fertilized the heck out of them. Let’s hear it for automated tractors with full plows, reapers, and seed drills.

Now I have 115 tomatoes. I have no idea what I’m going to do with them. I cannot possibly can all of them - I do not have nearly enough jars or open cans. Though I guess you can make veg pizza from dehydrated veggies, so that’s going to be part of the process.


So my character found a fully functional 18 wheeler, used it to run over 3 hulks and 5 mi’gos on her way to the refugee centre, said hello to everyone inside before “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” was heard from outside as another mi’go knocked down the door. The guard inside used some sort of explosive weaponry, lighting the floor on fire which then collapsed the roof, making it impossible to escape the fire. Everyone died as the refugee centre burnt down. This all happened within the first day.