What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


What have you tried doing to reload it when it is attached as if you are able to reload it when it is detached it means it is not using a magazine at all.


I didn’t think to try, it seems. I just successfully (U)nloaded the gas and then re(L)oaded it. Can’t fire it when there’s no 00 shot in it, even if there is gasoline in it. Nothing happens when I change (m)odes while aiming. (A)ctivating the shotgun only offers to remove mods.


I discovered that cleanerbots explode.


Decided to make a new student character. Spawned in and quickly grabbed as many books as I can. Coincidentally, a zombie dancer horde was in the school, which basically made all the zombies non-hostile. Lucky me.

I proceeded to load up on backpacks and such to loot books, food, and find better clothing.
Following the ever growing zombie dancer horde i used the non-hostility to easily loot buildings such as clothing stores, grocery stores, and dojos.

After I grabbed an ample supply of food, medicine, and good clothing and books and ditched town.

Though I was kind of bummed how easy it was to loot up, I decided to reset the world (But keep the character) and disabled crazy cataclysm. Spawned right in the middle of a forest and traveled northwest until i hit a town.
Wander spawns were on but I paid little mind, as I quickly went into a house and bunkered down in the bathroom, reading until i got my skills up, which took about 4 days, exhausting all supplies. Thankfully no zombie decided to say hi during this period.

Finally cleared out the house I was in (Which was apparently some sort of orphanage) and killed all the zombie children and other inhabitants.
No break however, as my food and water situation was running low, and despite the looming horde I decided to bolt out to the next house to see what I could find, of course the horde saw me and followed in. Almost overwhelmed, I killed a few and lost them in the house, shutting the door on them and exiting out back. Using this opportunity I looted another neighboring house and found about 5 dead scientists in a room, strange but I grabbed the I.D. cards and took a telescopic eyes CBM and made way back home, after stopping and grabbing some food.

Pretty wild and eventful week for my new survivor. Thankfully he’s got boxing and muay thai, plus some arm and leg guards plus some hand protection. Looks like I can tailor this guy to be a good martial artist with a bit of luck, but it’ll be hard if the horde doesn’t pass.


I discovered that a recurve reflex bow, 2 metal arrows, and Archery 5 is sufficient to kill the secubot that just appeared when you fail to bypass the security on a lab CBM storage. Before it gets a chance to shoot you, even!

I also rediscovered that secubots explode on death. Owie owie owie.

My survivor has retired from raiding labs until he manages to get his Computers up to 6.


Continued with my boxer, raided a nearby lab with the ID cards I found, and found a massive room full of mutated body parts. Yum.

Mutated thoroughly, now i’m pretty much set stat-wise. Just need to get my computer skill beyond 3 so I can hack the turret terminal and bunker entrance to clear up the uncharted areas in my map and get better gear. Cleared the lab and found a bunch of clothes that’ll work for the time being. I won’t go near the finale with all the securo bots everywhere.

Gotta find a way to deal with the 450 or so negative morale bonus, i’ll most likely just wait it out. In the meantime i’ll look for a computer textbook.


My survivor’s NPC buddy has been whining about wanting a small relic, so I eventually buckled down and started looking for a cathedral. Found one, and in the process, a ranch not too far away.

Since living out of the back of an APC was getting to me - crafting is a pain when you can’t easily see all the components - my survivor has taken over the ranch and started setting up shop. Current objective: there’s a solar bubble car somewhere to the north, but I have no idea about it’s status. So I need to build a folding bike and go retrieve it so it can power my fridge.

While raiding the cathedral for the relic, my survivor ran into a huge horde of zombies, and 3 mi-gos about 5 map tiles to the south. A little kiting with the APC dealt with the mi-gos, but there was not time to pulp the bodies before the hordes descended, so that section of the city is being marked as no-go for now.

Just another day in post-apocalypse paradise, I guess.


After an epic bike ride cross-country, past the necropolis next to the FEMA base and through the swamps filled with dinosaurs, my survivor recovered the bubble car. It was in terrible shape, with only one good tire, so he improvised a jack out of some pipes he found in a nearby hotel and put two motorcycle tires on it. Then he zoomed back the way he came, low on food and water because I really did not plan this trip very well.

On the way back, within sight of the ranch, I found ANOTHER bubble car. This one had tires and controls and would have been trivial to get. And I missed it on the way out because it was on a loop on the road, and I cut across country at that point to save going north two tiles and then back south two tiles. Given that bikes have terrible off-road capability, I probably didn’t even save any time on the trip, much less the time wasted going out of my way and getting the worse of the two cars.

Ah, well. The bubble car is now parked next to the house and is getting extended to power my fridge, since I don’t have mechanics 6 and can’t install upgraded panels anyway.


Having an extra is never a bad thing.

Aside from Atomic Minitanks, Atomic Sports Cars and the Minireactor CBM do minireactors spawn anywhere else?


You know those military outposts with spotlights? The little generator thing can be taken apart (construction menu, disassemble furniture) and it has a fairly low chance of giving you a minireactor.


Thanks! I never knew this before. :slight_smile:


On the other hand, two bubble cars are more than enough power for a good long while. You can focus on swappable battery cases, batteries, and vehicle bits now.


There was a robotic tractor in the garage and those suckers 4 storage batteries apiece. Even with only one bubble car at the ranch so far, I’m set for solar power for my single min-fridge for now. Though with the new changes to cooling mechanics, I’m going to want a second fridge, a freezer, and more power soon.

I did go grab a random car from the nearby sewage treatment plant because cars are an important source of metal frames for crafting.


“Drat, it’s the tickle monster! Nuuuuuu! He’s tickling me! It doesn’t hurt, but it’s annoying! I’m trying to craft a Stick of Heroism, just go away! Why did I even spawn this guy in? Die fool!” Spawns in the Book of Ultimate Bashing and effectively explodes the tickle monster “Ah, that’s much better!”


For the second time I’ve sheared off an external tank that was mostly full. Over 100 gallons of ammonia all over the road. :frowning:

Time to reconfigure the FrankenWagon, again…


External tanks are terrible. One thing I did that was mildly helpful was not mount them on the corners, but one or two tiles inboard, ie:

Of course, all the stock designs have them mounted on the corners. Part of C:DDA stock vehicle design’s well known tendency to want to kill you.

For myself, I finally ground/read up to Electronics 7 (oh my god so hard and long and boring why are there no good Electronics recipes from 5-7). It’s been a long time since I’ve had a character with a control laptop, and I’d forgotten how much fun they are. Lab finale with 5 skitterbots and 3 security bots in an open chamber? Apply control laptop three times, and you have some salvage and an adoring new robot friend. Who will get creamed by your APC when you drive home, but still.

One of my NPCs wants me to go to a prison to finish the cult storyline quests. At least with the control laptop, I just have to worry about hulks and brutes, not the security bots.


I have finally made it into winter!! I spent the entire autumn basically reading that gorram electronics book, eating granola bars, and expanding my Base Mobile, which is based on an Armored Car, but I want the back end to be 5x5.

I really hate the lack of documentation on vehicle parts. I’m using Heavy Duty Stow Boards for the exterior walls of the vehicle, but they look like they are open to the sky and ground. Also, this new beastie, loaded with less than half the crap I want to move around with, can hit a Max Accel of 4 and a top speed of 60.

Meanwhile, I’ve given up on motorcycles for looting and now decade endlessly between a modified Electric Sports Car and a modified Police Car. Who needs walls and fences!? I’m just fixing up cars and parking them in a giant arc around my home base.


At one point I tried to build a concrete wall around my base. Gave it up when I ran out of pre-mixed concrete, and realized it was much faster to build metal walls from scrap than to make more concrete. Parking wrecks around your base and converting quarterboards to boards is even faster.

Armored Cars start with a v8 diesel, and that should be enough power to get 8-11 tons of car up to 120 mph with 9-11 mph/s of acceleration. (My usual deathmobile is a 5x10 extended APC with 8 armored 24" wheels, a base weight around 9 tons and a V8 or V6 diesel engine. I get 60 mph cruise with 7 mph/s accel with the V6, 120 mph cruise with 11 mph/s accel with the V8, so I’m familiar with this performance profile.) What kind of deathmobile are you building here?


See, when I say “deathmobile,” I think of one of the sedans, covered in spiked plating and turrets, ramming into zombie hulks. I do NOT think of a giant metal turtle thing that crawls around, holding my loot and craft stations.


I didn’t realize that 70 mph was “crawling”. Feels fairly fast in game.

Nevertheless, a 5x5 sedan with spiked plating and turrets cannot weigh more than 9 tons. So why can’t you get sufficient speed out of a diesel v8?