What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


At least it wasn’t a boring start


I had another start where the evac shelter was adjacent to an ant hill.

That was fun.


Facing that same problem. The Mansion I cleared and the nearest town are equidistant from an ant hill. Acid is ruining my life right now.


I once tried gathering enough biosilicate shells from the ants to make a suit, though I couldn’t find the books to level my tailoring to that level sadly.


BTW, since your complaint basically inspired my work on vehicle part descriptions, are you finding it any less frustrating to build vehicles?


Sadly, I’m on a mid-2015 powerbook running OSX, and so I haven’t been able to play any build since 0.C-7451. I was running 7081 for months, since it was the last version I had that worked, and it’s only been a few weeks since I got my hands on 7451, so I’m still exploring the changes between those two.

My current project is to try to get it to recognize an Akito Node eGPU. I haven’t found anyone with a pre-2016 that has managed to get it to work, though. I’m hoping that might affect things. There’s a number of games and progs that it should help with, maybe CDDA will be one of them.

I’m pretty frustrated with Apple, and have been thinking about switching to Windows. There’s just too damn much that I would have to switch over, though, so I’m hesitating to buy a new computer, though.

I do really like the fact that my input has encouraged the team to work on stuff I care about here, though! So your work is appreciated by me even if I can’t enjoy it yet.


Make sure of what option you are selecting! I just killed a new survivor by accidentally selecting ‘disassemble all’ while looking at a large pile of rags.


After a string of bad luck I’ve finally gotten a new survivor past the first week. Tyson’s skill’s aren’t the greatest but he is getting by,

The lucky find of an RV kitchen unit really has made the difference for him. Not being reliant on matches or lighters to cook is wonderful! :slight_smile:


Have just realized that awl pike + motorcycle = modern knight.


Tyson has made it to summer. He has scavenged the immediate area and has determined that he will need to hit the road eventually.

The open raod calls out to him but the shelter is a nice comfy home too……….


Operation: Dairy Farm was a definite success.

A little background: around day 14 or so, when my survivor was still roaming around in the APC he found early on, he spotted a dairy farm. Unfortunately, the dairy farm was immediately next to a mall and my survivor didn’t have a home base that would protect a bunch of cows, and obviously the dairy farm itself wasn’t viable. So he just stayed the heck away from all of that, figuring the cows would survive outside the reality bubble but would die when he got close.

A few weeks later, he found a ranch about 100 tiles away from the farm and set up shop there. He found a trencher and with the help for some friendly NPCs, he set up a double row of pits and barbed wire which looked sufficient to hold off most zombies. So it seemed plausible that he would be able to keep the cows safe, if he could just retrieve them from the dairy farm.

Walking them 100 tiles past a mall and through two forests was obviously not plausible: it would take too long, the cows probably wouldn’t survive the experience, and it would be hugely tedious and annoying. So I wrote the code for livestock stalls so people (me, in this case) could transport cattle in their vehicles.

I got distracted by the faction camp stuff, which got added to the code base about the same time, and then I was busy writing some more stuff. I finally got some time to play this morning. I built and installed some livestock stalls in the APC, made some cattle fodder, and drove over the dairy farm.

As I expected, zombies were swarming the farm when I arrived. I climbed the fence, fed two of the cows, smashed the fence so they would flee, and then beat off the zombie hordes for a bit. The zombies killed another cow and a fourth cow escaped. I got back in my APC, drove up to the friendly cows, loaded them in, and drove back the ranch. Everything worked perfectly!

Then I rediscovered how annoying milking cows is, now that cows have 10 units of milk. Time to go fix that I guess.


Thank you for the livestock stalls, my deathmobile now has a stall for Bessie, our source of fresh milk.
While you’re looking at the milking code, I’ve noticed that if I cancel the milking (usually because I forgot to grab the jug) the milk just vanishes. Not such a big deal when it’s just one out of ten units, but if it all vanishes in one go it would suck.


Yeah, there’s some issues in the milking code. That particular one is caused by the milking code not checking to see whether you cancelled out of the attempt to milk, and always incrementing the counter of consumed milk.

If I can get the extended milking activity to work at all, that issue should go away.


My Survivor has been doing well the first month of the Cataclysm. His current vehicle is a shopping cart with a handle a seat a 10 in bike wheel and pedals welded to the front. It seems like it would be hilarious to see going down the road. I am using the pneumatic assault rifle, which is a first for me. It is quite annoying to load and some sort of paintball hopper or magazine seems like it would be a great addition to it. But otherwise its a great weapon. My survivor surprisingly managed to hole up in his starter house and has been using it as a base to skill up and hoard supplies. But now he is on the hunt for a good base.


Milking to become a long action, so you can just squirt all of the cow’s milk into your gallon jug.

See https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/pull/24665


The other day my survivor went over to the medicine cabinet of his deathmobile, and when he opened it the pile of first aid kits burst out and came pouring onto the floor en masse.

(Seems the recent healing rebalance made them take up way more volume, and multiplied by like 50, they were now way too big to fit into the stow board that held them before.)


I just had that happen, too. “Why can’t I put this atomic coffee maker back into the space that I got it from? Oh, because the first aid kits tripled in size or something.”


Decided to start a new world and a new character. Great start! Found a fully functional RV and a Humvee with a grenade launcher turret.

Figured I would be fine, since the jaberwocky spawned on the opposite side of the shelter, but the m’f’er followed me. And as I was running away from it, I nearly ran into THREE Shocker Brutes.

Jaberwocky got me before any of the Brutes caught me.


I tied a wooden Roma style caravan to the back of a humvee, tore out the back seats, added all the stations from my RV, and kitted it out with panels and the like and removed the extra doors. I’m actually really happy with the result even though overall it’s basically just the RV again. But it runs on the sun, zombie fat, and vegetable oil. So I guess it’s a net gain. Plus my character is so ripped he can peddle and get it to move 10mph while also charging the batteries.


I tied a wooden Roma style caravan to the back of a humvee

Huh? Do we finally have trailer like vehicles?