What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


Cheeky breeki
Welcome to metro 2044


That’s awesome. Now you just need ninjitsu and… is there a turtle mutation? There ought to be one.


Well, that’s rather cool. As for me personally? I’ve been trying to see if there is a way to survive the tutorial level. I blow open the wall and am in the middle of a river and I essentially basically always drown.


Someone made a mod for it. The user is called “Peeved Penguin”. I can’t in Good Faith suggest the mod because of some glaring problems, however.

If I had to add two new mutation categories, it’d be Bat and Turtle, because Bats are glorious and we need Ninja Turtles.


I broke 50,000 Cyborg Power today. I also fought a freaking war against ants.

It’s at the point where I don’t think I could actually fight back the infestation, actually. I managed to kill hundreds of them, at least…


Skill books have forsaken me it seems. :frowning:


Update on the Ant War. I decided I was gonna make sure to kill the bastards, so I donned a suit of power armor and went to fucking town on them, eventually killing over a thousand of them, covering the field they were in with bug blood, and tearing a hole in the fabric of reality in the process.

I mean, they’re not all dead, but I’ve killed enough of them that they may as well be. Plus, jerky!


How much salt do you have? Or is it from the remaining ants?


An infinite amount. I set up shop next to a swamp.

EDIT: A Yugg gave me Carnivore. My life sucks.


Carnivore isn’t so bad, most of the food you can readily eat is meat anyway


Influenza is no fun. Thankfully I kicked it fairly quickly.


I have never actually caught the flu in game apart from a really bad day challenge character.


Create teacher character. No traits, just stats and skills. Give him some driving and bashing weapons skills. Start as an infected character in a random house.

Right in front of the house is a technical pick-up truck with a mounted machine gun. Use it to mow down everything in the neighborhood except for some NPCs that don’t want to follow or kill me.

Drive the technical down the main street, pick a lock to a gun shop and get some tools for infected control. Manage to clear the block.
Find a katana too.

Drive the road outside the city until I find a mall. Drive around it and then find a Mi-Go on the street near some neat loot (power armor helmet, lab equipment). Have the great idea of running over the Mi-Go.

The car crashes on it, and it caves in a huge V all the way from the front of the pick-up truck to the driver’s seat - crushing the character to death instantly.

Get pissed, create new character: Chain smoker with no traits either. Start on the same neighborhood the teacher started in (what are the odds? Is this a bug?).

Found his corpse and a working common pick-up truck, which I’m now driving around looting some more after purchasing the whole gun shop’s ammo supply and city’s subway’s food supply (bless vending machines). Found a friendly NPC to come with me too.

Best run so far.

Edit: Just found a working atomic mini-tank. It has working turrets too.

Mid-Late Game Help for First Successful Character?

My most recent game came to an abrupt end when I pressed the ‘s’ key instead of the ‘z’ key (at least this is what I think happened).

Rather than dropping that log into my brazier, I dropped a stack of ammunition. (again, only about 90% sure this is what happened) In the same turn that I started the fire, there was an explosion and I took roughly half my health worth of damage. Startled and confused, I tried to back up a space.

Poor Manuel died in his own base, surrounded by supplies, with no one to blame but, you know, ‘this guy’.


I’ve done that before, except it lit the ammo pile instead of the brazier.


I’ve often said “I’ve got a lot of spare ammunition lying around and its starting to become a fire hazard.”

Seriously, I can’t get rid of this ammo fast enough. I have over 15,000 9x19mm JHP just sitting around, doing nothing…


That’s a lot of 9mm. I usually gravitate to .40, 5.56 and 7.62.


I have a little of everything. This current character has been really riding Unarmed, though.

My unarmed Skill is 19, almost 20, currently. Marksmanship is close by, at 15.


Add 9mm turrets to your deathmobile and keep them AI controlled.


Quick lore question: if I play a bionic prepper in 0.01 item spawn world (thus crafting all my gear) and I ended up living a cave infested with bats and mostly raiding the city at night — does that, in fact, qualify as being batman?