Mid-Late Game Help for First Successful Character?

So, a few hours of playing after this:


And I have finally managed to get a nice home after going through and looting around 2-3 cities. Settled with the 2 unarmed NPCs I managed to save from zombies in a big farmland (using the map/building overhaul mods).

My pick-up truck’s storage is full to the brim, with weapons, clothes, tools, food, ammo and everything I could ever want. I have enough machine guns from humvees and tanks, rifles, pistols, shotguns and grenades from dead zombies, soldiers and gun shops to supply a small army.
I managed to get 3 working vehicles to my farm - the pick-up truck, a Humvee and a army truck.

So far I could live there for at least a month more, if I chose to stay there without even going out of the house.

My most immediate danger as of right now is a Chicken Walker near a barrier on an intersection. I don’t know how hard it would be to take one out - even though I have explosives and can make more, have a packed LAW and have a Barrett with around 170 .50 BMG ammo (courtesy of ye olde tanks on the highway). I don’t currently have a lot of body armor aside from a conventional kevlar vest that turns common zombies harmless a lot of times.

Should I try to settle in the farmlands and set up a supply of harvestable food and some utilities using the car building mechanic? Or should I blow up that walker and proceed to keep looting cities while going nomad (as I’m currently doing)?

Any tips or suggestions?

Chicken Walkers are pretty dangerous, but if you can sneak up on them and get a good shot off on them, you’ll kill them. Keep in mind they explode on death. If you can get full body armor that’s tough enough, you should be able to shrug off a frag grenade or two. Be very careful, however.

I’d personally suggest building a Deathmobile and having all your utilities on that, but that’s just me. You said you found an Atomic Mini Tank? With a little work, you can turn that into a pretty good Deathmobile (you’ll probably need a lot of Solar Panels, though).

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Thanks. I thought as much - Chicken Walkers look bullet-spongey.

I did find one, but I turned it on and went exploring (with the 4 reactors turned on, to recharge it’s dead batteries) and it just died on me.

I then tried putting a car battery in it to at least turn the reactors on, but it was a bad idea… I’m thinking about using a jumper cable on it, since my pick-up has 2 fully charged batteries.

How would I go about turning it back on? Why didn’t the reactors charge it? (they seemed to be working)

Reactors need Plutonium Cells. Plutonium Cells can be bought from some gas stations (in those reinforced vending machines) and in science labs. Occasionally dropped from some robot enemies.

Solar Panels are the way to go with any vehicle. They don’t provide much charge, but they provide almost free charge. The Atomic Mini Tank specifically uses Enhanced Electric Motors, so you’ll want to drive around sparingly unless you have spare plutonium or a lot of storage batteries.

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Got it. I’ll look around for some solar-powered cars and some plutonium cells.

The tank’s main turret sounds like it would do wonders against the Chicken Walker.

A LAW or anything from a Tank will insta-kill just about anything assuming a direct hit due to the sheer amount of damage dealt.

Also, I need to finish my guide on building Deathmobiles. I’m going to get on that.

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Yeah, tanks can do a bit of damage :smile: .

I tend to just run from chicken walkers, but have only run into them in early game, and not once I’ve got the skills and gear to deal with them.

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And I thought M60 bursts and precise shots from a Barrett were overkill.

You reload the 120mm tank gun.

I can picture the zombie watching a tank turret pointed at him and just giving up.

“Yep. Guess it was a good unlife.”