What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


Lots of banks in this town, a jackhammer in a hardware store, and a gas station near base. Jackhammered my way to the Rivtech binder, 2XI Design binder, a full suit of basic power armor, an advanced UPS, and a suit of RM 13 power armor. And I’ve got a couple more banks to go.


Found a Triffid Heart, meaning infinite Fluid Sacs and thus infinite Cooking Oil and thus infinite money given the time and patience.

On my way to cross another challenge off my list.

EDIT: Found out that some sadistic/glorious person added the Cataclysm equivalent of Minecraft’s Creepers into the game. Worse, they just randomly pop out of the ground.

If it wasn’t for the fact I can heal super fast and had tons of hit points, I might have been killed…


I believe that’s from PK


I was under the impression it was him, but I wasn’t sure and I was too lazy to check.


Found two artifacts sit next to each other, unfortunately one of them surrounded by fire and electric spark


Almost done clearing first town, just two apartment buildings are left. My character and another survivor are running medieval style, decked in full sets of chain armor with plate armor over it, armored bone helmets and armored boots/gauntlets. Turned a cottage on the edge of the city into a base. Still gathering solar panels to build an array, but a small gasoline generator is more than enough so far to feed my various carts - welder, forge and fridge. Finished repairing a tank and a mobile gun platform. Tank uses to much fuel to be practically useful but was successfully used in running over a Jabberwack which spawned next to my base right after getting mission from NPC.
The next critical steps are to find duct tape (or figure out how to craft it) and one of the firearm repair kits as these two seams to be locking me from making a better gear and experimenting with weapons.


Spotted a motorcycle with a side carriage in the city, which gave me idea to install a carriage on electric motorcycle I’ve recovered earlier and use it as a “horse” - we already have steel spears for me and my body, should be a fun project to do. Or maybe build a double segway :smiley:


Finally got my blob vehicle, the Abomination, rolling and figured out why I couldn’t get it’s electrical equipment to work and hit an area with enough blobs and amoebic molds to cause me lag. I don’t see a slime pit anywhere around it though. Still from the regular blobs I got a ton of blob glob.


I relearned a very important lesson just now… Kill the damned zombie masters as soon as possible!

I didn’t and then got to face several hulks and predators that weren’t there initially. Survived but it was close.


And now I have a flammenschwert. Finally I can schwert flammen at the zombies.


You’re going to sword flame at the zombies?


Reference to the old flammenwerfer meme. They werf flammen you know.


Yeah I know, it just sounded funny.


Falled into a lava pit


Sounds effective to me. It is just someone who sweeps with a flamethrower.


A sword made of flame. I like it.


How much extra damage does the Spraycan Flamethrower add to those weapons?


Since I usualy tend to play rather save, I wanted to go for a challenge. Infected start and shower victim sounded like a nice change of pace. So I spawned in the kitchen of a normal house with my NPC buddy and started to explore.

Door Number 1: the entrace hall, nothing much, an umbrella, glasses, nothing of intrest
Door number 2: an empty room, no items
Door number 3: zobie brute right behind the door…

Aaaaaand back to character creation.


Welder, welding goggles, and a (barely) functional electric car on my first night. RNGesus is smiling on me so far.

I shall be pacing a lot to keep the intergrated toolset charged now!


As it turned out, a subway can become a place that can be called a “home”. I found a big (really big) city far away from my main base and, for purpose of long time looting, decided to build a base. It turned out that the subway is a great place for this purpose:

  1. It is deep underground (I have Z-levels turned on) and if base build away from the entrance, zombies and other creatures won’t come down for you.
  2. The subway connects the whole city and allows to reach safely to places which, otherwise, I would not be able to reach (zombie hordes: on).
  3. I dug a couple of passages from the subway to the sewer, and now i am able to reach to almost any place in the city. Btw, sewer is a source of smelly eatable meat.
  4. Grocery stores, houses and vending machines near the exit of the subway are an almost safe source of food for a long time (the city is big , remember?).
  5. There is a cave close to the city, which I cleaned from the rats and connected with the subway. Now the cave can be used as a safe entrance/exit/parking.
  6. Using junk that I found in the city, i constructed a “subway rider” for a moving around the subway and a gasoline/manual generator + lighting for the base.
  7. Hell! It’s a subway!

PS: Tiles.