What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


Does Batman allow himself to kill zombies and is there a way to knock hostile npcs out?


Low NPC’s world, have not see any hostiles so far.
As for zombies — they just get tired and lay to rest.


Pretty sure you can’t do this. If you could, I already would have: Those turrets have damn good aim.


Don’t they stay in seat places like survivors? Never tried this but it would look cool: cruising with your own turret buddy in the front seat. :smiley:


Never tried either.

All I know is that vehicle turrets that aren’t lasers are kinda shit because of the recoil. I’ve heard you can possibly get an NPC to man a turret but I’ve never figured out how to do that…


There is a crew thing in the vehichle menu which makes me presume that with a npc companion a turret with a seat under it and presumably the npc’s hands are empty they can use the turret. Presumably of course as I tend to go solo.


I just hotwired an ice cream truck and took it joyriding around a new town. Most fun I’ve had killing zombies in a long time! Too bad I forgot to turn the chimes on though.


New game, RNG kindly gifted me with nearby ant hill… Ants everywhere, including basement of shelter, I tried to run but ants were faster…

New game…


I finally found the last (mutagen) recipe book I was missing. After visiting many Labs and finding dozens of “just for fun” equivalents of the Elf-A recipe book, I finally found the one that actually has the Elf-A mutagen recipe. In a Pawn Shop. -_-

I’m also only few bionics away from having all the bionics from 0.C Stable. And, while it took me over 2 in-game years to find 1 Lab, now I seem to find 2 new Labs each time I get the area map from any Lab i visit. XD

And I also beat a Zombie Hulk with Money Bundles, just to see if I could. XD I looted a lot of those in a Bank near the place where I encountered the Hulk, then remembered that “Gods of Cataclysm” challenge when I spotted the Hulk and went “Eh, why not.”.

My Melee also went down to 17 due to skill rust while I was building my mobile fortress and re-looting 5 Labs I’ve previously been to. On the plus side, I got over 100 turrets and more than 10k 9mm ammo. :slight_smile:


How’d you get your melee so high? I can’t seem to get it up higher than 11, despite the fact I’m always using it.

EDIT: Wait, you’re playing Stable. Why? And also, why can’t we get our skills as high as we could back then?!


I remember some recipes needing higher than 10 in a skill like 2 years ago, before we had decimal points in volume and before filthy clothing (never forget). I could be wrong, but I vividly remember needing higher than 10 cooking to make some mutagens a couple thousand experimentals ago and I also remember books that got you above 10. Ahh, you’re making me curious, I might boot up a super old version just to see if I’m correct.


Just stumbled across a locked bathroom with a bathtub full of blood, a human corpse, and a razorblade. Never once have I seen this but hey it’s pretty neat, free dinner.


I’m still playin’ Stable 'cause the Experimentals break too many things in the save when I try to migrate it. Some items just disappear 'cause they’ve been either completely removed or swapped with different ones with similar usage. None of the vehicles in my save are usable 'cause in experimentals you can’t turn if you don’t have steering wheels (which didn’t exist in stable). The Water Cannons on Fire Trucks threw errors and disappeared. And my HQ’s basement got filled with poison gas 'cause the monster evolution changed the Fat Zombie in my underground undead shooting range into a Bloated Zombie. And that’s just a few of the things which went wrong.

Basically, I plan to do few more things in Stable before declaring a “near-prefect save”, back it up and focus on my Experimental character. Switching from “end-game” fully-geared characters I have in Stable to newly-created “fresh meat” in Experimentals feels like changing the game’s difficulty from “Very Easy” to “Impossible”. XD


I went through my recipes (in 0.C Stable) and the only recipe that has difficulty higher than 10 is “Power Storage CBM Mk.II” (12 Electronics). Mutagen mixing requires 10 Cooking (but mixing them does raise your Cooking up to 11). There’s also installing the Quantum Solar Panels or a 2nd engine to a vehicle, which requires 12 Mechanics. And those are the only ones I can find atm.


Yeah I figured I might of been wrong… and 12 electronics? It’s only 10 in the current experimental. Weird. Maybe I’m just remembering things wrong.


Also, there’s the Charge Rifle. Don’t know why they removed that, it seemed like a cool item.

Also, from what I can tell, Magazines didn’t exist, and because of that you could double your gun’s ammo capacity. Really wish you could do that now…


I actually want to find out what happens if you re-add a removed item.


What version was this on?


The bathtub? Must be new, I’m updated to 7143.


I should bring back the “weird random events” thread. Nice to see the little added detail like these.

Reminds me of that time I saw a human corpse above a grave with a teddybear, on the corpse was a M1911 with 6 rounds in the chamber and a single .45 acp casing on the ground.