What would your survivor notes be?


And you’re down one companion. Ouch

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The tank drone blows you

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The most profound thought is one forgotten. I don’t remember where I was going with that

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Found a note last night saying:

“Finally have enough guns and ammo. Time to retire to a farm with zlaves to my bidding.”

Creepy AF imo


that will be coincide with my last gameplay session because i found this sketchy cabin filled with slaves… and an indoor farm.


I wonder how many people have starved to death right next to tons of rose bushes? Morons.


Post this in my Chef o’da Woods thread =D

That is the wild edible thread :slight_smile:

“We need Jello…I hate the $h!t…but I swear I would use it like cash use to work. I just KNOW it would go down that way!”

I swear I shot that bunny suit guy. Guess he was a zombie too. Can’t believe the bastard ran over my new girlfriend with his red t-bird…oh…wait. What the…??"


“Locked up a Mi-Go in my basement, been teaching it to swear. If you meet the purple dildo that will call you a c&nt and a d@ckhead in one sentence, leave my boy the f#ck alone!”


Wait, can you actually make Mi-Go’s parrot your characters’ speech?

If yes, this is amazing.


I’ve never tried it myself, but I guess that makes sense. There are documents in the lab that describe similar experiments, so maybe you actually can.


“i dont remember boston having only 3 houses but ok i guess”


Note to Self:

Make Braziers

Or Else you will be like me