What would your survivor notes be?

And you’re down one companion. Ouch

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The tank drone blows you

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The most profound thought is one forgotten. I don’t remember where I was going with that

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Found a note last night saying:

“Finally have enough guns and ammo. Time to retire to a farm with zlaves to my bidding.”

Creepy AF imo

that will be coincide with my last gameplay session because i found this sketchy cabin filled with slaves… and an indoor farm.

I wonder how many people have starved to death right next to tons of rose bushes? Morons.

Post this in my Chef o’da Woods thread =D

That is the wild edible thread :slight_smile:

“We need Jello…I hate the $h!t…but I swear I would use it like cash use to work. I just KNOW it would go down that way!”

I swear I shot that bunny suit guy. Guess he was a zombie too. Can’t believe the bastard ran over my new girlfriend with his red t-bird…oh…wait. What the…??"

“Locked up a Mi-Go in my basement, been teaching it to swear. If you meet the purple dildo that will call you a c&nt and a d@ckhead in one sentence, leave my boy the f#ck alone!”


Wait, can you actually make Mi-Go’s parrot your characters’ speech?

If yes, this is amazing.

I’ve never tried it myself, but I guess that makes sense. There are documents in the lab that describe similar experiments, so maybe you actually can.

“i dont remember boston having only 3 houses but ok i guess”


Note to Self:

Make Braziers

Or Else you will be like me

“No gun?
No equipment?
You’re still safer than you think.
What did David use to kill Goliath?
You think their skulls are any stronger?
Rest assured, they’re not.”


“I’ve made some pipe bombs. Hope I can test it.”

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something%20Dole :
“I put my Idols on a stake,
Tied them down,
And walked away…
All so I could Begin Again.”

“Found some pipe bombs in a puddle o goo…on second thought…think I’ll just leavem where I foundem…”