Designing the ultimate survivor base

So I’ve got one of those characters who has everything. He’s been driving around in a laser-packing deathmobile full of power armor and diamond swords and plutonium for so long that he’s read every book and can make anything that’s craftable and can eat pizza and scrambled eggs until the heat death of the universe. And with no real need to ramble around and an excess of resources, I thought I’d try my hand at building a static base.

For location I’m thinking a cathedral. Burn that sucker to the ground, clear out all the rubble and nails, and that leaves a large open-air stone shell that even a hulk can’t bash through (I know) with extensive quarters in the basement. With a jackhammer and some metal doors I’ll be able to get the deathmobile safely in there with tons of room left over.

Question is, what should the ultimate survivor base have? I’ve got all the skills and resources I could want. What I need most are interesting ideas.

Oh yeah, and at some point I plan to delete the required map files to reset the surrounding area, with hordes on and spawn turned way up, so the place really does have to be able to resist a siege.

Sounds li,e a great plan when ya have got so far into the game :).

Hmm i would say turrets on each corner.
And intergrate the vehicle building into the base eg

charging station
Solar panels etc

Ive never touched on building tbh but i hear it can take a very long time so should be interesting to see how u do :).

Keep us posted oh and dontnforget screenshots if possible tile screenshots for those like me who cant get use to ascii lol

Yeah definitely some turrets and some pits with spikes and all that kind of thing. I’ve got eight leftover pulse turrets that used to be mounted on the deathmobile before I upgraded, plus some other stuff. I’ve got enough vortex stones and solar panels and plutonium and such that power shouldn’t be an issue.

The big question is, what can break through that stone shell? A hulk can’t do it, but what about a huge horde of normal crap zombies? I mean stone must be unsmashable to them otherwise they’d be able to tunnel around underground, right? Maybe?

I hope so, because then I’d only need active defenses near the doors.

Reeeeally quick reply here. IIRC, damage does not stack on tiles, so I’m pretty sure they shouldn’t be able to destroy it? Ok, I’m actually not sure, but I think smashing something it is by chance, and stone walls are just unsmashable. Do not quote me on this though.

First things first: You have to build an impressive self-destruct system. Make it glorious.

Yes, cathedrals are amazing. There’s plenty of space, lots of furniture for wood and nails, a basement, and not even hulks can get in once you put stone walls in the six doorways. Stone churches are almost as good, since they have a console for some light, but they don’t have as much space or a basement.

How big is your vehicle?

Unless it’s been changed in the experimental in the last few months, hulks CAN smash stone. The only thing I’ve never seen hulks smash is metal doors and the metal walls of bank vaults and bunkers.

Heck, I’ve smashed THROUGH stone by a hulk before. That was painful.

Well, unless you make a big noise, the hulks shouldn’t try to smash. I think it’ll be fine. I love cathedrals as a place to hide while I make extensive repairs and I’ve never had a wall smashed.

I debugged myself a clairvoyance artifact, then debugged a hulk into one of those closed-off rooms at the front of the cathedral, then stood outside yelling and banging on the wall and nothing happened. If they can’t bash metal doors either then the base will be invincible when it’s done.

(sliding back to topic)
An underground vault of… beer. Barrels and vats as far as eye can see (reality bubble diameter). Better start digging. You’ll need a mountain of yeast, wheat, water… hop plant? Much to my shame, I’ve only brewed once in Cata thus far.

Relevant username. I like the brewery basement idea!

Building a suite of vehicle-powered utilities and separate remote-controlled lights is always one of my favorites.

Well, that’s odd, then - they can smash YOU hard enough to send you flying through it, but they can’t bash it down manually. Something’s off, there.

I like the brewery idea. I should grow weed on the surface while I’m at it. Right now I’m just digging away rubble and nails. I considered keeping the ‘finished basement’ but the layout does nothing for me. Think I’ll burn and clear it as well.

Phase one. Metal doors everywhere, exterior staircases removed by flooring them over and burning. Debugged in a hulk and it couldn’t get through the doors, so apparently now I’m invincible. I’m still going to surround it with spiked pits and turrets.

A very nice start. Cathedral seems like a nice place to fortify. Too bad it does not have the food preserving potential of an ice lab.

I really need to make a base sometime.

I’d completely remove those back doors if I were you. But it’s your choice.

The metal doors appear to be hulkproof as well, so I may as well leave them now that I’ve built them. They’ll make convenient openings if I want to build some sort of vehicle-based fixtures out there too. Guns and/or cameras or whatever, with the controls inside.

Yeah, alright. In fact, you might want to start now. Stick some solar panels out there, with batteries inside and an armored heavy duty board in the doorway.

Since I burned the cathedral down and cleared the rubble, the whole place is open to the sky. I can build my solar panels safely inside the walls. I can grow crops in there.

On the other hand, I’ve been doing more debug testing and while a hulk doesn’t seem able to smash metal doors, a large horde of brutes does. Nothing seems able to smash through the stone though.

Wonder how player-built stone walls stand up? Probably not that well, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen hulks go through concrete walls before.

How is it going? I love this thread.