What would your survivor notes be?


“Here is a strangely good and effect tactic for those with little to no toilet paper: Just do t take a dump. I haven’t done so for over a week and my bowls haven’t exploded yet! I don’t how I’m fine, but if it works for me it should work for you!

PS unless you eat the beans. It isn’t worth it then.”


“It’s okay to go crazy, it’s the end of the world! It’s only natural, don’t get down on yourself so much. How could anyone manage to stay entirely sane through all this? It’s simply life. Remember, look on the bright side! Now you have a whole bunch of friends!”
A young man huddled in a corner of a dimly lit cave talking to his ‘therapist,’ Napkid, and his best friend Sok


“I thin this guy, maybe he was an kind of ugly, but I suggest he was most delicious in this fucking world.”


My toon found this note. Also came across an old vhs tape with this song on it 0_0


Now that you mention it, we need to have a recipe in the game to make Winston. Activate it to tell him how you’re really feeling for a brief, miniscule mood boost.


I would cut off my 3rd tentacle for a box of Oreos. And maybe a glass of milk.


“Some people have lost their minds. They’ll just attack you on sight for no reason.”

“I found what looked like a drug deal gone bad, bunch of dead bodies. Can’t tell if it happened before or after the Cataclysm, though. Found a Fusion Blaster Arm on one of the dealers, so I think I’ve got a good idea what happened…”


“Whosoever finds this note must take this warning to heart:
Approximately 30 - 57.829 seconds after the last sentence was read, this note will explode obliterating everything within a 20 mile radius.
Have a nice day.”


attached to this note is a bunch of CDs
“Here’s an album of apocalypse themed music I put together. I hope you didn’t get this because you killed me.”


“forget the shelter that is for cowards. my female told my about a river with pink salmon at the north.
Ugly humans. BEARS STRONGS” writted in a tree whit some cutting tool.


“Schrodinger’s cat here. I see you all know what I’ve been through for quite some time now. Well fu** ALL of you who didn’t let me out and have a nice day to those aliens that did!”


Day 5
Dear diary,

I killed an otter with a rock. I think it was an otter, whatever, some furry dang little beasty. There was a log nearby so I figured ‘eh why not’. I let the log burn and then next thing I knew the forest was on fire. I tried to run but then some big arsed dog started attacking me. I ran back into the fire. The dog or maybe wolf… whatever it was ran away. I ran out of the fire again. Zombies everywhere. I ran back into the fire and then jumped into the river. Note to self, be more careful with fire.


“This space intentionally left blank.”


You see on this note a big, red circle with the following written inside
“Saved for Perry.”


“Just before going under in an Autodoc. Some joker thought it was funny to stick a post-it note on the light above my head on the machine with a few lines from that Ramones song…hardy har har”


" I don’t know why but I can’t eat frozen water anymore. "


“umm im not sure i have to write this or not, but i saw some crazy donkhead near a sex shop wanking a scantily-clad undead wearing some cat accessories… i mean… what the f—…”


So it’s no different than pre cataclysm San Francisco?


You thought that a gamer would never survive out here. You were wrong.
It has taught me and helped me know what to do and what not to do.
I have seen the end a thousand times over.
I have survived the coldest of nights and the hottest of deserts. I know how to adapt.
You have not seen what I have seen. You do not know what I know.
You are out of lives, my friend. And there are no respawns out here.


“I’m a genius. I thought of running to Wally World first like everyone else. It was a bad idea…it was grim and ugly when half the city did the same” 0_0