What would your cataclysm 'title' be?

-When possible, I am the Grenade Lord. Once I get to the point that I am able to do so, I always carry at least 5 grenades and 2 Molotov cocktails on me. Death by glorious fire or death by glorious explosions.
-In other cases, I am the Muay Thaitan. Nail nuckles + muay thai + high strength = awesome. “Hey there zombie brute, you want me to punch you to death? Sure! I’ll gladly do that!”
-Now, what do you guys call yourselves?

Ourselves, or our characters? Because I would simply be Meat, on account of the fact I would not survive a week following any apocalyptic collapse of civilization.

My characters would probably be The Gunny or similar because they tend to be ex military types who pathologically horde guns and ammo.

God of Cybernetics, of course. Cybernetics are the most OP thing in the game.

Very true. Especially given there is currently no limit on how many you can install. There’s a CBM to remove or greatly mitigate pretty much every major limitation in the game.

it would be either De_Driver or De Bug Kid. I always like to test new things in cata.

My current survivor, Dan ‘Ansom’ Handsome, would not accept a title on the grounds that his name tells you plenty about who he is.

As a player, my title would probably be something like ‘The Repeated Failure’. You know, on account of all the characters I’ve killed.

I’m dibsing Master of Lasers.

Chaos Mutant or Sword God

Chaos mutant with a high unarmed skill or just a guy with 10+ in cutting weapons and melee

-It could be either a title as you as the player or your character, either way works.
-In terms of being a player, one title might be: 'player-who-always-wants-energy-efficent-vehicles-due-to-disliking-pollution-even-though-survival-in-general-is-more-important."
-I also remember that time when my second character ever managed to survive crazy well, when I had hardly any experience. Maybe ‘Neigh Immortal Rookie’ would also suffice. I’ve been playing for quite a long time now, and I still feel I am far from a ‘pro’ but I’m much better than an amateur. I’m probably roughly around the middle of those two.

“Nigh” Immortal. Neigh is what horses do.

God of Slaughter, of course. Also potentially the God of Unarmed Combat, because I have the skill at 22 currently. I think I’m fast approaching the cap, however. I wish the caps on stats weren’t so arbitrary, though.

I would LOVE to get my Mechanics to 14. And get my Survival past 8.

Lore Keeper. Because I horde books even once I have learned all the recipes in them.

Or the Wendigo; because the vast majority of my characters are night vision, light sensitive, cannibals, that keep human bones with them to gnaw on when they’re feeling down. (this was before the update the made bones inedible – a sad day indeed :disappointed:)

Gun wizard due to the fact that I seem to always carry a shotgun, pistol, and a rifle when I can. Guns for all situations or maybe john copper due to need copper tubes for all the bullets.

Imma be the Tacticool god, im allways with the best equippement (that i can have) and carry 2 heavy modified guns, generaly a mid to long range assault rifle, a pistol and various blades and nades (in earlygame matchbook ones). Or the overkill god because i like to kill zombies splitting their bodies into unrecognizable chunks of meat :laughing:

Manifest Desire.

It is how i would invision myself succeeding in the dda world.

I think mine would be “WTF” or “Grue” or something like that. Invisible basically 24/7, silent, and instantly destroy anything hit, often reducing things into pink mist. Only way you know my char exists is the mobile giant metal mountain they use as a base.

One day, city full of zombies. Go to bed, wake up, no zombies left in sight. Find a zombie somewhere, suddenly it just explodes in complete silence and nothing is left but a rain of blood. Hear a bank alarm going off, watch the walls explode into powder with no cause visible.

Mine would probably be death cheetah for the amount of time In almost ended up in some zed’s belly. And also that I like to pick traits that make me faster, even though weaker… TwT

the accountant”, because all I seem to do is manage my inventory for awhile and then die. Need to stop using the Ascension Mod… but its so good…

“The Silent Carpenter.” Lurking in the shadows at odd hours, dragging piles of two by fours around in dead silence to build out a survivalist compound from my shelter.

Sleep apnea and severe snoring does not have a good prognosis post cataclysm.