What would your cataclysm 'title' be?

“The Handyman”; Every character I play gathers a full arsenal of tools as soon as possible and carries them at all times. Crowbar, shovel, axe, soldering iron, tailor kit, welder, toolbox, etc… It’s hell on my inventory capacity but it’s also fun to be able to build/repair/disassemble things wherever I go.

–Lots of times I will make a character focused around a certain theme, such as The Tailor or The Alchemist. So lots of times my title would more or less be the preset I set for them, especially because I literally name them that. :smile:
–I always like to have thematic negatives and positives for them, for example:
-The Tailor is very dexterous, due to needed to be very accurate for every stitch. However, all he has done is make clothing his whole life, which doesn’t help much with stamina or fighting.
-The Ranger is fast and quiet, however he tends to be rather flimsy. But he is a total boss with a ranged weapon right from the beginning. Although poor skill in melee can be a bit hard on him. However, since using a bow actually can need lots of strength IRL, he is decently strong.
-The Brute has terrible intelligence and bad perception, but he packs a serious punch! With his fists no less! And tends to be a bit more tanky than lots of other characters.

I’ll call mine The Lusty Wrench, since I always seem to die when I start getting impatient to find a gorram wrench, and I typically play Stylish Punk Rock Girls or Otaku, so there’s a double pun in there for you.

I really like the look of a full bone armor suit/helmet with a skirt in Chesthole32, for some reason.

–My brother has glasses like that…