Describe your character in one gif

I’ll start

I don’t even need gifs for it.

I’m a post-tresh Slime, so…

A super cyborg…

Man at arms

Marloss Man Reborn

(Hm, won’t show as an image, owell, here’s a link)

I’ve been trying Really Bad Day on a few of the latest experimentals, and in 19/20 cases I last less than two hours, usually leaving my house and being instantly mobbed or throwing myself back into the blaze to deny the zeds a meal. The few times I got away usually end up with a cougar or giant wasp/bee finding and laying me low in a single hit, or sewer rats killing me in a basement.

So, without doubt, this blazing skeleton represents not the zeddies but my many souls which have been added to the billions lost in the Cataclysm.

Usually some kind of mildly-mutated mechanic who wields an axe and spear. Stealth plays a huge part of early game and rapidly decreases in prominence in favor of firepower and vehiclular support. Though stealth is never something I actually try to break.