What tools can modify equipment?

I know you can use a tailors kit to reinforce armor and a firearms kit to make guns better, is there anything I’m missing?

You can use a soldering iron to reinforce armour or items made out of metal or plastic. This includes weapons, and reinforcing weapons slightly increases damage. Basic repair kit repairs wooden armour and items.

Sweet, thanks!

you can craft a resinous cord to repair/upgrade wood object (maybe something else, don’t remember exactly). Useful early to some point (especially if you craft a spear).

Good for repairing wood, bone, chitin and paper.

Hmm I’ve actually never used the resinous cord and I like to reinforce everything… is it something to use until you find a repair kit or is it equal in quality to a repair kit? I’ll have to remember about it for my next run when I don’t have a kit yet.

All the kits for upgrading stuff have the same base chance of upgrading something, as far as I know. The main factor if an upgrade actually works out or not is your skill level.
The only difference between those kits are the usage of material ; some kits use different materials while repairing the same things, and sometimes they simply use more of the material to achieve the same result. Still, this isn’t a real issue, unless you’re really low on ressources.

I thought the welder did better than the soldering iron, and the soldering iron better than the tailor’s kit, for items you could use either on. I know the % to damage an item is affected between those 3 tools, but not sure about success %.

Success depend of your skill. Tailoring for sewing, mechanic for soldering.

So I started a test world with no mods and gave myself 3 fab, 3 mechanic, 3 tailoring, and 3 survival, debugged in a soldering iron, welder and makeshift welder. If I go to reinforce my boots , each tool gives a different % damage. Is why I said that.

Edit: ah you said success, well I could have sworn i my current run the success chance was different depending on whether I used the welder or soldering iron, does one use fab and one mechanics and that is why?

Yeah I have different % of success depending on whether I use the Makeshift Welder or a regular Welder. - YouTube

I think chances to succeed only happen on the metal tools and clothing for the basic repair kit/resinous chord and the fire arm repair kits they always work regardless of skill. As a note unfortunately you can no longer reinforce primitive ranged weapons.

Yeah with the kits you don’t get a success chance, it’s either your skilled enough to use it for that item, or you are not, I flubbed that up earlier in my comments I guess by asking about that. I saw “useful early to some point” and confused myself I guess.