Upgrading Weapons

How do I upgrade melee weapons? I’ve seen screenshots of people with ++ and +# weapons yet I don’t know how to do the same. I assume its the same as accurizing guns? What do I need?

Some extra material of the same type as what the item is made out of and then an appropriate tool to upgrade it. Metal/plastic/etc stuff use welders, wood and bone use resinous cords, fabrics use some sort of sewing tool.

I have both a vehicle welder, a regular welder and a soldering iron, but when activate it and select a weapon it tells me that “You cannot improve your X any more this way.”. I’ve tried the resinous cord and sewing/tailor kits and they’re the only ones that works for wood weapons and clothes/armors respectively.

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It has been my experience that some items cannot be upgraded, while others require very specific tools like how guns require the gunsmith kit.

Any idea on what melee weapons can be upgraded with a welder or soldering iron? I haven’t found any.

its done the same way you would repair it. Its just reinforced and adds no bonuses except extra durability.
Essentially over-repaired items is all it is.

@Hushpoy Basically welder and soldering iron is for metal/electronic parts like flashlight and armor (metal one like the plate armor)

@Litppunk Some things have bonuses if you reinforce them, like guns, they get their dispersion reduced, although not by much (like 20 or so points)

I could be wrong but I though the ability to reinforce melee weapons was taken away.


Along with reinforcement of everything that is not damaged, even scrap metal and plastic chunks and etc, so you can only literally repair now but not reinforce

As Orange said. Pretty sure that was removed some time ago.

Diamond coating weapons kinda a upgrade.

If reinforcing weapons was taken away what’s with the +1-3 weapons I see on the item list? Are those just random spawns/drops?

The +1 weapons are magic weapons from Magiclysm.

Some poles and such can be reinforced with resinous cord, etc. Just look to see what the “can be repaired with” description says. ==or maybe this is due to a mod I have installed, but my quarterstaff++ has been a handy weapon for some time.

Resinous cord is from more survival tools. So yeah that’d be modded.

Got it – yeah. I enjoy that mod quite a bit. Love being able to scrounge up nearly anything :slight_smile:

The sledghammer could be upgraded by the basic repair kit, it receives the “++” symbol and +8 bash damage at only a cost of 50 duct tape (Not sure if it was removed/balanced). You can’t upgrade metal weapons like a katana/broadsword/etc unless you find a CVD machine in a lab, wich is kind of rare, i’ve never found one, maybe we should increase the % chance of appearing?

Speaking of which, what is it you need to use those, again? I’ve found three in my last few lab raids.

You need hydrogen and charcoal to diamond coat stuff. Charcoal is easy enough to get, but you are going to need a lot of luck to find any hydrogen.

Snap. I’ve got plenty of hydrogen from the new mutagen facilities I’ve hit. I thought it would only be useful for my one plasma gun.